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Brilliant News


Brilliant won't make you choose between voice and screens for smart home controls (April, 2018)

"Brilliant is much more than a light switch with Alexa baked-in. It's a smart home hub, with an already impressive list of compatibilities, that is just ridiculously stylish next to the competition."

  Digital Journal

Audio IoT? Video is set to dominate: Interview (April, 2018)

"Our vision at Brilliant is to bring unity to the home. We are removing the strain of interacting with all of the smart home devices that increasingly are in your home."


Absolutely Brilliant Lighting and Smart Home Solutions (January, 2018)

"Once installed, you will instantly have voice and motion control. All of which can end up saving you between an estimated 5-18% on your overall lighting costs."


CTA Names 2018 Mark of Excellence Award Winners (January, 2018)

"Whole-house Control Product of the Year: Brilliant"


Techgage’s Best of CES 2018 Awards (January, 2018)

"It takes the best of smart home device features and puts them into an easy-to-use package."


Brilliant light switch can now function as a wall-mounted Echo Show (January, 2018)

"At CES 2018, Brilliant announced that it’s integrating Amazon’s “Display Cards” into the Brilliant Control."


This smart light switch is also an Amazon Alexa smart home hub (January, 2018)

"All products are welcome: Brilliant works with Sonos, Ring, Nest, and Hue, among countless IoT devices. By integrating all of your smart home services into your wall, the company claims they are "realizing the vision of 'ambient computing.'""


Brilliant Control Makes Smart Home Control Public – CES 2018 (January, 2018)

"Bringing its centralization of control to smartphones is quite convenient in certain use cases, such as when you’re in a part of the house that doesn’t have one installed nearby, when you’re out of the house, or when you simply don’t feel like getting up."



"OI think this has to be my favourite smart home tech so far at CES this year."


NAHB Announces Best of IBS Awards (January, 2018)

"Congratulations to the finalists and winners of the 2018 Best of IBS Awards!"

                IHS Award

IHS Markit Announces Innovation Awards Winners at ShowStoppers at CES in Las Vegas (January, 2018)

"Our judges were wowed by this year’s competitors’ ingenuity, creativity and imagination. The products and technologies on display will no doubt transform the way we live, work and play"


Brilliant Dazzles in 2017 IOT Innovator Awards (January, 2018)

"Brilliant makes operating and controlling a home’s smart devices as easy as flipping a switch via an infinitely usable smart home panel."

Homes Get Smarter -That's Brilliant (December, 2017)

"It is a great solution for new construction, an easy retrofit, and excellent for demo homes."


2017 Holiday Gift Guide (November, 2017)

"This year's coolest tech gadgets from the hottest start ups."

Hotel Business

Ambient Computing Makes Hotel Guest Rooms Smarter (November, 2017)

"The hotel room of the near future is not just about smart technology, but harnessing those capabilities intuitively for guests."

Brilliant Named As CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree (November, 2017)

"Brilliant Control named 2018 CES Honoree for Smart Home; also wins IoT Innovator Gold Medal."

Brilliant Lights Up $21 Million for Smart Home Device (October, 2017)

"Brilliant plans to use the funding to boost its efforts in engineering, operations, marketing and sales."

Brilliant Smart Home Control (July, 2017)

"Innovative and wonderfully well crafted, this highly intuitive piece of tech from Brilliant is all about making your life easier."

MacRumors Giveaway: Win a Brilliant Control for your Smart Home Devices (June, 2017)

"The Brilliant Control, available in a range of colors to match any decor, is designed to replace one of the light switch panels in your home."

Hands-on with Brilliants aptly-named smart home Control panels (May, 2017)

"Brilliant, and cheap in comparison to other options that demand custom installers and cost tens of thousands of dollars."

Aaron Emigh on Launch of Brilliant's Smart Home System (Apr, 2017)

"You can talk to Amazon Alexa from anywhere in your house, which is something you can't do with Echo."

20 hottest wearable tech startups to watch (Apr, 2017)

"With SmartThings and IFTTT integration, Brilliant will work with all the big home tech names."


Brilliant Control could be the most exciting thing to happen to light switches since the dimmer (Feb, 2017)

"Every smart home owner will want to install this in their house."

Brilliant’s Control is poised to become a main control hub for smart home devices (Feb, 2017)

"Brilliant has ticked the boxes on most of the recognizable household names, including Nest, Sonos, Philips Hue, Ring, SmartThings, Wink bulbs, Honeywell and some security systems."

Ditch the light switch: Brilliant is an affordable, all-in-one Alexa home hub (Feb, 2017)

"The Brilliant a win for simplicity."


Let Brilliant's light switch take charge of your smart home (Feb, 2017)

"Brilliant goes beyond competitors like Belkin and Lutron by adding the option to control a lot of other smart home gear."

Digital Trends

You don’t need a smartphone to manage your smart home if you have Brilliant Control (Feb, 2017)

"Put down your mobile phone and clear your throat - your voice is about to be heard."

PC Magazine

Brilliant Control is a Touch-screen Light Switch for Smart Homes (Feb, 2017)

"Touch-screen controls have generally been limited to expensive custom installations, while the Brilliant Control can be easily installed like a light switch."


Brilliant uses voice and touch commands to control your smart home (Feb, 2017)

"A smart lighting solution that gives anyone in the house the ability to access music, climate control, and other common smart home devices with just a simple touch or voice command."

Do you feel like you need to upgrade your light switches to touchscreens? (Feb, 2017)

"...for people who already have a complex setup and are looking for a better way to tie it all together."

Smart lighting gizmo offers video chat, gesture support, and Alexa (Feb, 2017)

"It's an easy and seamless way to get Alexa throughout your home without having specific devices taking up shelf space and outlets."

Brilliant has a new way for controlling your home in a smarter method (Feb, 2017)

"Forget about the century-old light switch design, this one comes with not only voice but also touch control for lights as well as different kinds of smart home devices."

Brilliant Control Manages Your Smart Home Straight From The Light Switch (Feb, 2017)

"...just might offer the most complete solution we've seen, with its exhaustive compatibility and easy integration into a home's fixtures."

This smart home control panel from Brilliant makes controlling your home easier (Feb, 2017)

"A lot of smart home technology relies on your smartphone for control...Brilliant does have another option..."

Alexa, Rivals Speak to OEMs (Feb, 2017)

"...bring to life early visions of pioneers of what's now widely called the Internet of Things--computers that disappear into the environment."

Brilliant Smart Home Control Lets You Control All Your Gadgets With Amazon's Alexa (Feb, 2017)

"Now you can make sure that you're able to exert total conrol over your lighting with the Brilliant Smart Home Control."


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