Are you still relying on your phone to control your home?

What do you call a house with devices controlled by your smartphone? 

Short answer: Not a smart home. 

Long answer: It’s a home with smart devices that is controlled by your phone. These devices don’t communicate with each other like they would with a smart home system. 

Don’t get us wrong, we’d never suggest ditching your smartphone. But, what if there was an even more convenient way to control, manage, and access your home and all of its devices?

Spoiler alert: There is. 

You can keep your phone to yourself.  

With a smart home control panel like Brilliant, you and everyone at home can access the apps that used to be hidden away only your phone. That’s right, the days of sharing your phone with the kids or guests to change the music on Sonos or turn on smart lights are over. Now, interacting with your smart home devices is accessible and intuitive for all. In other words, you get your phone back, full time.

Accessing your home’s devices goes beyond the people that live in your home. Guests and babysitters will struggle to turn lights on or be left in the dark since your smart home devices are only accessible from your phone. Brilliant Controls replace a light switch and look like one to make its relevance in the home obvious and intuitive. Even your in-laws will be able to use Brilliant and all of its features. 

Are you experiencing app fatigue? We get it. 

Don’t fumble with your phone and it’s pages of apps to see who’s at the door or change the song. Just walk over to your Brilliant Control and interact with all of your devices from one place that’s dedicated to your home. In some cases, you don’t even have to walk. With Alexa built-in you can use voice commands to turn on lights, lock the doors, turn on the lights, or even make announcements throughout your home. 

Your phone is secondary.

We know what you’re thinking, “I thought I didn’t need to rely on my phone to use my smart home?” You don’t! But you can optimize how you access your home from your phone when you delete other smart home apps. With Brilliant, you can access all of your home’s devices directly from the all-in-one mobile app. View inside your home with Brilliant’s built-in camera, access your Ring cameras, lock and unlock your door, open or close your garage, toggle the lights, and even adjust the thermostat, all from one app. 

Your home isn’t truly connected until you have a system that allows you and everyone with access to your home to control it. It’s time to make your home as smart as your phone.