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Decorate once, celebrate all season

by Mia Sapienza
Decorate once, celebrate all season

Do you love Fall but don’t love all of the knick-knacks, decor, and clean up that comes with decking out your home for the season or a specific holiday like Halloween? We partnered with Julia Hu, of HuLovesDecor, to give you some tips on how to give your home subtle hints of fall without breaking the bank and having to pull everything out of the attic!

 #1 Must-Have

“Layering in different textures is key and brings interest to the eye, so definitely a cozy knit blanket/throw! This simple piece warms up any space instantly. Plus, you can use it pretty much year round and you probably already have one (or a few!)... After work, my favorite thing to do is decompress with a fall candle burning and my favorite Sonos playlist.” 


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White is the New Orange

Using white pumpkins instead of orange is easy and affordable. Julia shares, “They give my home a sophisticated look and feel without clashing with my existing neutral decor.” Julia also tossed in colors of brass since they create a warming look to your space. 


White is the New Orange image


 Reuse & Repurpose

Beat the temptation to buy items or decor that are season specific. Here's how Julia repurposes year round: "I try to find decor pieces that can be used year round. I moved this side table to my hallway with my fall-decor to give it an extra subtle touch of Fall. Living in San Diego, we don't get all of the fall colors you get in other places, so I updated the photo frame with my favorite pictures of the leaves changing! It's my favorite thing about this space!"


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DIY it, Don’t Buy it

Before you stop by your favorite home goods store and pick up seasonally-styled decor consider turning decorating into a family project. Julia shares how she created a “frosted” look to pinecones, “Depending on where you live, you can find pine cones around the neighborhood… The ones I found, looked exactly like the ones I bought. You can leave them as is, or add some sparkle to it to spruce it up with glitter paint!”  

two switch smart lighting control


  Easiest upgrade: A Coat of Paint

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to change any space is with a coat of paint! Julia chose this blue that has hints of cobalt and navy that perfectly fit any season. 

We asked her what she was most looking forward to this Fall: "We built and moved into this home this year. Having smart and energy efficient devices in our home was really important. So we installed Brilliant Controls, Ring, Sonos, a smart thermostat, and even have a eero's full wi-fi mesh system. While we use all of these devices EVERY day, we are so excited to host our family and friends in our connected space that really makes our home feel like ours."


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For more decor tips, you can check out Julia's feed and keep coming back to check out Brilliant's Newsroom articles.