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Elevate your properties with the world’s best smart apartment experience

Back in 2019, before the world dramatically changed due to COVID-19, NMHC/Kingsley Associates surveyed over 300,000 multifamily tenants nationwide to understand their amenity preferences, leasing decision factors, apartment search processes, and more. The results showed that tenants of multifamily apartments wanted smart apartments and that they were willing to pay for them. 

Similarly, the National Apartment Association found that 84% of residents who don’t have smart home devices said they would like to see smart features implemented in their communities. 

These findings all came before the pandemic brought a host of new challenges for multifamily developers, owners, and property managers to solve. 

Outside of offering a signing bonus or a couple months of free rent, an appealing solution for current and prospective tenants has been to provide a state of the art smart home experience. A recent study from RealPage found that right now, about 70% of new developments are installing bulk-managed Wi-Fi systems and of those, 55% are smart apartments. 

Smart apartments are a great way to achieve tenant satisfaction and retention, and help differentiate a property from other housing options—and smart apartment technology is more than a nice perk for tenants, it’s a solution that can boost bottom line growth through efficiencies that help reduce operating costs. 

Until recently, smart apartment solutions lacked: 

  • Smart amenities that make control and automation easy for tenants 
  • A central way for property owners and managers to monitor and streamline processes to save time/money, detect issues, and be more efficient
  • Compatibility with the most popular smart home products and a central way to manage, access, and control them all
  • An affordable smart home system without high monthly fees and long-term contracts
  • Ease of installation, set up, management, and upkeep of the system

Now, with the introduction of Brilliant Command Center, property owners and managers are able to offer smart apartments that reduce energy costs, protect assets, make staff more productive and efficient, all while delivering a state-of-the-art experience smart for residents.

Brilliant Smart Apartments are made up of: 

  • One or more Brilliant Touchscreen Control Panels
  • Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switches and Smart Plugs for added smart lighting
  • Ecosystem of compatible products and options:
    • Intercom Systems
    • Locks & Access Control Systems
    • Thermostats
    • Leak Detection Sensors
    • Window Shades
    • Sound Systems

Using Brilliant Command Center, property owners and managers can add: 

  • Energy efficiency through automation and monitoring
  • Streamlined security through keyless access control
  • Higher property values and revenue potential
  • Faster leasing and higher resident retention
  • Awareness about a wide range of property issues
  • Increased staff productivity


Ready to make your properties smart? 

Getting started is easy. Schedule a demo to see the Brilliant Smart Apartment System in action and to learn how you can get started.