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Brilliant partners with The Genie Company

by Mia Sapienza
Brilliant partners with The Genie Company

We’re pleased to announce our newest (and one of our most requested) product integrations: Garage Doors! 

We’ve partnered with The Genie Company to expand our smart home offering to all of your home’s points of access! Genie is most recognized for garage door openers that bring more convenience, simplicity, and security to the home. Genie’s full line of Wi-Fi enabled smart garage door openers powered by Aladdin Connect® can now be controlled from Brilliant’s in-wall touchscreen control panels and app.  




Don’t have a Genie Garage door? 

No problem! Genie’s Aladdin Connect® Garage Doors can be retrofitted to fit most garage door openers. See the full list of compatible products here




Key Features: 

  • Extended Security Control - Check if the garage doors are closed, and open or close them from any room with a Brilliant Control -- without needing to carry a phone, download an app, or walk to the garage.
  • Simplified Home Automation - Secure the entire home with a tap or voice command by creating home automation scenes. Example scenes include a “Leave Home” or “Goodnight” scene that closes the garage doors, locks the front door, turns off lights and other connected products, and adjusts the thermostat.
  • In-Wall Voice - Brilliant’s built-in Alexa feature enables the use of voice commands to manage garage access as well as all other smart home features. 
  • Unified Remote Control - Use Brilliant’s all-in-one mobile app for iOS and Android to control the entire smart home -- lighting, thermostats, locks, Genie garage door openers, Ring cameras, Sonos speakers, and more—from the palm of your hand from anywhere.

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