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2020: Home is the new HQ

by Mia Sapienza
2020: Home is the new HQ

Last year, home was more than a place for you and your family. It became your office, school, and gym— it became your headquarters. Knowing how important connection is and how much was lost in 2020, we focused on bringing it back for all of our users. 

We knew connection needed to start at home, so we focused on upgrading our system with new products, new features, new partners, and new ways to make our products accessible, all in efforts of creating a system that makes being inside your home feel just as exciting as the outside world. 

New Products: 

Earlier this year, we debuted the full Brilliant Smart Home System featuring the Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch and Smart Plug, adding affordable smart lighting to our system. We won the IoT Breakthrough Award as the Connected Home company of the Year, the IHS Markit Innovation Award, and received recognition as a CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree.  

For our multifamily audience, we also announced the coming soon launch of the Brilliant Command Center, which will help property managers manage Brilliant Smart Apartments at scale while driving operational efficiencies and cost savings.



New Integrations: 

Our mission has always been and always will be to make interacting with smart home devices easy for everyone to access and use. We do this by having an open ecosystem that allows devices to work better together. We know there’s many brands you want to see come online with us, and we promise, we’re working on it. This year, we were able to make 5 direct integrations come true: 

Our most requested integration was with Apple HomeKit! Users are able to control their Brilliant Control lights with HomeKit and Siri. 

In addition to the other 4 Kwikset smart locks Brilliant works with via SmartThings, we added a Kwikset’s Halo Smart Lock to our line up! 

In May, we launched with Genie Overhead Garage Door Openers! Now users can connect their Genie Garage Door to Brilliant or use Genie’s retrofit kit that works with top garage door openers. 

With our existing relationship with Honeywell, we added device support for Honeywell Home Leak Detectors. When leaks are detected, alerts will be provided in the Brilliant Alert Center and the device status for the device(s) sensing the leak will change to "Leak Detected"


And last but not least, we have some partnerships that are coming soon, SaltoKS and Somfy for our pros! 


New Built-in Features

“It’s not about what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside.” That’s why every 2 weeks we release software updates— to ensure every home and it’s devices are running smoothly. In addition to these bi-weekly updates, we released 9 new built-in features that make the System more connected, easy to use, and versatile. 

  • Sunrise/Sunset Features: Create Scenes, adjust the display, or set the motion detector to automate devices based on the local sunrise or sunset
  • Live View for Android: What was once limited to our iOS users was made available to Android users too
  • Weather Widget: See your local weather forecast directly from the Brilliant Control. 
  • Alert Center: Know there’s a compatible device on your home’s WiFi so you can easily set it up and integrate into your Brilliant Smart Home System
  • Sonos Grouping: Manage your Sonos speakers with grouping supported directly from the Brilliant Control or Mobile App
  • Sonos Line-In: Once a Sonos line-in device has been configured via the Sonos app, you can control via Brilliant
  • Sonos Mute/Unmute: Mute and unmute Sonos groups or speakers on the Now Playing screen or Device Row
  • Sonos Now Playing Widget: Display a Now Playing widget on the lock screen if there is a Sonos actively playing in the same room
  • Alexa Announcements: You can say "Alexa, announce..." and this announcement will be broadcasted across your Brilliant Control(s) and any other Alexa-connected device(s) in your home. 

    Now selling at… 

    Not only can you buy Brilliant here on our website, but we also branched out to offer purchasing from and These steps allow you to buy your way!

    2021 Goals 

    We know 2020 is only the beginning of what’s to come. In 2021, we’re excited to help you elevate how you live with new integrations, partners, features and more. Our roadmap for 2021 is exciting and we’re so excited to continue on the smart home journey with all of you! 

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