Buy any Brilliant Control, get TWO Free Smart Plugs

Buy any Brilliant Control, get TWO Free Smart Plugs

Receive two free Smart Plugs| $59.99 in savings | While supplies last.

$59.99 in savings | While supplies last.

Buy any Brilliant Control, get TWO Free Smart Plugs cover

Our Mission

From lights, music, climate, security, and doorbells to whatever comes next, we make interacting with all of your smart devices simple by building controls that are easy for everyone to access and use right in the walls of your home.

Brilliant - About Us

At Brilliant, we believe that the only thing that moves faster than technology is expectation. Like you, we expect technology to get simpler, demand less from us, integrate seamlessly into our lives, and just plain work. Nowhere is this more important than the technology we invite into our homes. We expect it to make our lives easier and our families happier. We expect the technology that we embrace at home to embrace us right back without confusion or frustration.

Unfortunately, the promise of the smart home has remained unfulfilled. Rather than living simpler lives, we control our homes through a maze of apps on our phones and clutter our tables and countertops with devices and cords. That doesn’t seem “smart” to us here at Brilliant. It’s time to fulfill the promise of the smart home with technology that makes controlling your home a pleasure, not a chore.

We unite your home.

Our Story

Brilliant was founded by Aaron Emigh, Steven Stanek, and Jeremy Hiatt, veteran technology entrepreneurs who joined together to simplify the smart home. 

It all started when Aaron began remodeling his home and installed some smart home products. They were great as individual devices, but Aaron soon realized that the more he installed, the worse the experience got. Navigating between multiple apps just to adjust the lights, lock the door, or set the thermostat was complicated. To add to the frustration, controlling the home exclusively through his mobile phone felt unnatural and awkward.

Seeing an opportunity to elevate the smart home experience, Aaron, Steven, and Jeremy teamed up. As they saw it, controlling our home environments should be as simple as flipping a switch. There’s a light switch in every room, and it’s already the home control that we use most often, so it made sense to replace light switches with smart controls that make it easy and natural for you to interact directly with your home. 

Brilliant - Aaron Emigh

Aaron Emigh


Brilliant - Steven Stanek

Steven Stanek


Brilliant - Jeremy Hiatt

Jeremy Hiatt




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