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Welcome to the future of smart communities

Make your properties more efficient to manage and more convenient to live in with Brilliant, the smart tech platform for multifamily communities and apartments.
Reduce operating costs & risks
Unlock new revenue streams
Elevate your resident experience
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Brilliant offers customizable smart tech solutions for every property in your portfolio

From affordable WiFi-based solutions that don’t require the extra expense and hassle of hub devices to premium smart apartments with unmatched wow-factor and easy of use, Brilliant lets you choose the right solutions for each property and unit.

Access Control

Improve access
and security

Unlock all the benefits of providing convenient and automated access control via mobile keys, keypads, intercom systems and parking gates.
Eliminate the cost of managing physical keys
Control who gets access to specific doors and when
Monitor who’s coming and going with access logs

Energy Management

Reduce energy costs
and meet ESG goals

Give yourself the ability to monitor and reduce energy use and help your residents live more energy-efficiently.
Reduce energy costs by up to 20%
Eliminate energy waste in vacant units via automation
Receive alerts concerning HVAC situations and overuse

Smart Apartments 2.0

Offer a superior
resident experience

When you add a Brilliant touchscreen control system in your units, you instantly transform them into the best and easiest to use smart apartments on the market.
Unlock the highest rent premiums in the industry
Add smart lighting, music, window shades, etc.
Enable residents to add their own smart devices

Asset Protection

Prevent costly
water damage

Catch water leaks and other water events before they become expensive disasters and automatically alert onsite staff when issues are detected.
Reduce future water damage costs by 75%+
Save money on your insurance premiums
Use water leak detectors and shutoff valves

Easily upgrade and manage your entire portfolio

From new construction projects to retrofits, Brilliant’s combination of smart hardware options and enterprise software platform makes it affordable and easy to transform every class and type of property into a more efficient and high-ROI smart community.

We make technology simple and scalable

Our team of experts will help you select the right smart devices and experiences to best meet your goals for each community and then our smart technology platform will make it all work seamlessly together.
Easily manage visitors, deliveries and vendors
Locks & Keypads
Offer digital access to
common areas and units
Help your residents & properties reduce energy waste
Water Leak Detectors
Catch water leaks before they become bigger problems
Control Panels
Transform any unit into a premium smart apartment
Resident App
Make it easy to unlock doors and so much more
Automate lights with schedules and motion detection
Parking Gates
Offer digital or scannable access to secure parking areas
Cameras & Doorbells
See who’s at your unit door and talk to visitors
Sound Systems
Offer touchscreen control for browsing and playing music
Window Shades
Offer automated privacy and shading experiences
Voice Assistants
Let residents add Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri devices

Our platform integrates with the best of the best and products you already use

Brilliant is trusted by top developers, owners and operators

286 Units
College Park
College Park, MD
486 Units
Las Olas Walk
Miami, FL
50 Units
Seneca Living
Las Vegas, NV
Increase in rent per unit per month
Reduction in energy costs
Decrease in water damage costs

Here are a few more good reasons why you should consider Brilliant


Brilliant is hubless and built for modern WiFi networks

Unlike most other smart apartment providers, Brilliant doesn’t require the use of antiquated hubs and extra hardware to communicate with smart devices.
Fewer required devices = Lower up front costs
Fewer potential failure points = Superior system reliability
Increased ROI on your WiFi investments

User Experience

Brilliant is the industry leader in smart home experience

Brilliant is the only multifamily smart tech platform provider with deep experience designing and manufacturing in-home control systems and touchscreen panels for end users.
100,000+ homes and apartments powered by Brilliant
Trusted by top builders, developers and property owners
Brilliant makes smart home simple and easy for everyone

Best App

Brilliant has the top-rated resident app

Our all-in-one mobile app makes it easy for residents to unlock doors with their phone and control every aspect of their smart apartment experience from anywhere.


Brilliant offers options for residents to add their own smart devices and more

Brilliant is the only platform that gives residents the option
to add their own smart home devices to control using in-unit touchscreen panels and their resident mobile app. Residents
can also create custom automations and scenes.


So what are you waiting for?
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