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Elevate your properties
with the world’s best
smart apartment experience

Increase the appeal, value, and efficiency of your multifamily properties with Brilliant, the new leader in smart apartments.
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Unlock all the benefits of making your
apartments and properties brilliant

Happier Residents

Attract and retain more residents with the best smart apartments in town

Operational Efficiency

Make staff more productive and reduce costs with smart technology

Bottom-Line Growth

Lease faster, retain residents, reduce operating expenses, and increase revenue

Smart Apartments

Smart Apartments

Transform your apartments into easy-to-use smart apartments with the award-winning Brilliant System. Brilliant touchscreen panels with built-in voice make it easy to control lighting, music, climate, or even see who’s at the main entrance and let them in.
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Control Panels

Smart Switches

Voice Control

Mobile App


Visitor Intercom
& Access System



& Doorbells

Water Leak
Detection Sensors

Built-in Camera
& Motion Sensor

Smart Plugs

Smart Properties

Smart Properties

Brilliant’s enterprise software, in combination with an ecosystem of smart home products and integrations, helps property managers become more efficient, save time/money, detect issues, and increase resident satisfaction.
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Smart properties
Smart properties
Smart properties

Alerts, Automation
& Remote Control

Notify staff about issues to resolve and automate everything else

Energy & Lighting

Automate climate and lighting in vacant units and common areas

Access Control

Provide the right access to the right people with keyless smart locks

Asset Protection
& Risk Mitigation

Catch water leaks and other issues before they become costly disasters


Works with the most popular smart home products and platforms

Brilliant offers one-of-a-kind integrations with partners like Sonos and Ring that you won’t find offered by other smart apartment providers, and integrations with the leading smart property systems. Be sure to check out our partners and upcoming releases.


“After a thorough evaluation of the smart apartment space, we chose Brilliant for their robust and dynamic smart apartment control options, and their enterprise software solution to reduce operating costs for our assets.”

“By partnering with Brilliant, we're able to offer the most innovative and user-friendly smart apartment experience available on the market. Choosing a powerful solution that allows our residents to add their own devices into the pre-built ecosystem is an absolute must.”

Mark Zikra,

Vice President of Innovation for CA Ventures


Offer the best
smart apartments

  • Make smart home control easy and accessible in every unit
  • In-wall touchscreen controls with built-in Alexa voice control & more
  • A single app to manage the entire living experience
  • Works with popular smart home brands not offered by other systems
  • Offers flexibility to let residents easily add their own smart devices
Best smart apartments Best smart apartments Devices


Make staff
more efficient

  • Alert staff about security, energy use, and maintenance issues
  • Automate heating/cooling, lighting, access, and other experiences
  • Remotely manage properties and apartment units
  • Configure units for new residents, vacancy, and apartment tours
  • Give property staff more time to provide stellar customer service
Increase efficiency & productivity Increase efficiency & productivity Security Security

REDUCE Operating expenses & Boost REVENUE

Increase net
operating income

Increase NOI

  • Lease faster and increase revenue with smart home amenities
  • Reduce resident turnover by delivering a better property experience
  • Save time and money with a keyless access control system
  • Reduce energy use in occupied and vacant units and common areas
  • Avoid costly and unexpected repairs with water leak detection
Increase income Increase income

Award-winning & Praise-Worthy

Start working with the smart home experience leader

  • The Real Deal

    "...the foundation for entire multifamily properties and communities."

  • Wired

    "King of the
    Smart Home"

  • CEPro Best Winner

    Best Whole Home Control
    System Winner

  • IoT Speakthrough

    Connected Home
    Company of the Year

  • Curbed

    "Helping builders make high tech a standard option for new homes"

  • 4.5 Stars

  • CES Innovation Awards 2020

    Smart Home
    Category Winner

  • IHS Markit Innovation Awards

    Smart Home
    Category Winner


Trusted by hundreds of builders, developers,
and property managers across North America

Brilliant has earned the trust of hundreds of single and multifamily companies across the US and Canada who
are installing Brilliant Smart Home Systems as a standard feature in every new home and apartment they build.


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