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Veteran realtor increases home sale prices by installing built-in smart home control systems

Frank McCue is a REALTOR® based in Santa Cruz, California. Not only does he sell homes, he also assists his home seller clients with high-ROI home improvements before putting their homes on the market. Over the years, he and his contractor have identified several tried and true ways for his clients to secure top dollar for their homes, and installing built-in smart home systems is the latest renovation he recommends to every new client.

McCue has been interested in smart home technology for years, but his interest really peaked when he learned from his clients and friends about Brilliant and its touchscreen-based home control system. After installing Brilliant touchscreen control panels in his own rental properties, receiving glowing reviews, he started installing Brilliant-powered smart home systems in every renovated home he brings to market, to help his clients differentiate their homes and maximize their return.

“Brilliant Controls are easy to install and straightforward to use,” said McCue. “It’s not just about what the product does, but how the buyer perceives the home as modern and intuitive. I believe buyers are more attracted to these homes because they show better with Brilliant as an integrated smart home.” 



“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression,“ emphasized McCue. “Visitors to our open homes want to play with the Brilliant touchscreens on the wall, so I show them all of the things it can do, and demonstrate how to manage all of the smart devices in the home,” 

McCue typically installs one Brilliant Smart Home Control panel, several Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switches, a few LIFX smart bulbs, a Google Nest thermostat, a Ring video doorbell, and a smart lock for his clients. He also shows them how they can remotely monitor and control their home during the open house phase of the selling process by using Brilliant’s mobile app. Home sellers love Brilliant because they can remotely ensure that lights are off, the front door is locked, and the thermostat is turned down after open houses and scheduled tours.

Every home listing by McCue also includes the words “Smart Home” in the title. His message is, “this is a smart home, and you are a smart buyer.” Based on his more than 30 years in real estate, McCue believes the cohesive, compelling smart home branding and experience increases the price buyers are willing to pay for his listings by as much as 10 percent in some cases. When people tour a home with a Brilliant touchscreen smart home system, the experience is so compelling and novel that they believe they are bidding on a high-end home with luxury amenities, which are typically only ever seen in multi-million dollar mansions.

By providing his clients with superior real estate services and innovative smart home solutions, he gets repeat business and excellent referrals.  “Word of mouth kicks in, and I get a lot of calls from new prospective clients. Also, my clients always remember me and call me the next time they need a real estate broker.”  That’s the power of delivering a true smart home experience with Brilliant and a great return to home sellers.