Smart Dimmer Switch bundles!

Smart Dimmer Switch bundles!

3 Switches for $62.99 each (code SWITCH3)
10 Switches for $59.99 each (code SWITCH10)

3 Switches for $62.99 each (code SWITCH3)
10 Switches for $59.99 each (code SWITCH10)

Smart Dimmer Switch bundles! cover

Builder Interview: Christopher Homes

Christopher Homes is a private builder based in Southern California. They have built over 15,000 homes in the past 40 years and take pride in their quality homes, which are known to retain value over time. 

We sat down with the Vice President of Sales at Christopher Homes, Jaime Todd, to discuss how embracing smart home technology allowed the company to evolve their homes to the expectations of qualified home buyers.

You can watch the full interview here, or check out the overview below. 

As one of the first home builders to implement our smart home system, we wondered: “Why did they choose Brilliant?”

Jaime Todd explained, “We want to provide features in the home that are of value to our buyers... we want to provide more than what our new owners are asking for.” To keep up with demand and expectations, they created a smart home package that was easy and affordable to integrate into their homes.

Christopher Homes’ package consists of:

  • Ring Doorbell
  • Honeywell Thermostat
  • Genie Garage Door Opener

This ecosystem of smart home devices provides full coverage of the home, making it safe and secure - two of the most important features to home buyers. 

Todd says that the partnership has allowed their homes to stand out to home buyers, making them a distinct competitor in their area. Many home builders that provide “smart home” are only able to sell it to a fraction of their buyers due to the cost. With Brilliant, builders are able to put Brilliant into 100% of their homes. 

Traditionally smart homes required a rack room to control, and every device was costly to install and maintain. Todd shares how transitioning to Brilliant has streamlined the smart home experience  for home buyers, “Before Brilliant, we had to work with four or five companies with a bunch of products and a hub in the master closet. We have offered these in the past, but it’s really nice to have everything all in one with Brilliant.”

As smart home continues to become a standard, home builders can expect increased demand for the smart home turnkey experience. In fact, 65 percent of homebuyers are willing to spend more on smart home technology packages. 

You can learn more about Brilliant’s home builder offerings by checking out more information here

Thank you to Jaime Todd of Christopher Homes for his participation.