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Get 10% off all Brilliant Starter Packs
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How to make your house a true smart home

Mia Sapienza • August 06, 2020

With so many smart home products out there, deciding which are the best for you and your home is not always easy. The foundation for any home to work together, is to have a system in place. That’s why we created the Brilliant Smart Home System and work with over 20 of the brands you love and trust.

We're here to help you customize your home with devices that fit your lifestyle, make life easier, and help you live more connected. First, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What smart home technology do I already have?
  • Is home security a priority?
  • How often am I away from my home?
  • Do I need home automation?
  • Who uses my home & how accessible do I want my home to be for them?

Check out these three packages of smart home devices to help you decide what products would work best in your home:




  • Every smart home should have a central hub, system, or platform that makes your ecosystem of products work better together. (Hint: We recommend Brilliant)
  • A smart thermostat like Honeywell or Ecobee makes it easy to automate your home’s climate to ensure you’re only using the energy you need and that your home is always comfortable. 
  • A Ring doorbell adds a level of security to your home so that you not only have an inside view of your home using Brilliant’s built-in camera, but also an outdoor one. You can see who’s at your front door and speak to them through Brilliant.


peace of mind


  • By introducing a smart lock like the Schlage Encode to your mix of smart home devices, you lock/unlock the door. Plus, when it’s connected to a Ring doorbell you can see, speak to, and manage home access, making it the ultimate combination of products for home safety. 
  • A smart garage door opener like Genie’s Aladdin Connect expands the automation of your home’s access points. BONUS: Genie's Aladdin Connect can be retrofitted to fit most garage doors. 


completely connected


  • Brilliant’s Smart Dimmer Switch or any of our compatible switches, make it easy to put smart lighting throughout your home without the added cost and maintenance of smart bulbs. 
  • Control your entire home’s ambiance with any