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Smart home devices ≠ a true smart home

by Mia Sapienza
Smart home devices ≠ a true smart home

The building blocks of a smart home typically consist of smart locks, lights, doorbells, and speakers. Consumers adopt these devices because they’re affordable, easy to use and make their home a better place to live. As the number of smart devices per home has grown, an afterthought has been the smart home experience. How do you make it easy for everyone at home to use and enjoy all of these devices?

With every device comes an app. This had led to app-fatigue and a disjointed smart home user experience. It’s highly unusual that everyone in the house has the app of each smart home device- especially guests and kids. Then there are smart speakers which are convenient until they aren’t. Let’s say you want to turn on the lights in the room, but you don’t know what they are named, how do you control the lights? 

For home technology to work seamlessly, there must be a smart home system in place that encompasses all the different ways you want to control your home at any given moment. Every home needs a primary home control system that is built into the home, works with the most popular products, and can be used by even the least tech-savvy person. 

Any guesses what the solution is? Stick with us.

The Past

99% of home builders and home buyers alike couldn’t fathom spending  $20-100k on a home automation system. These smart home systems required a rack room used to store bulky hardware and wires that only a specialized technician could understand or repair. Not only was there a hefty cost to install and maintain, but they often required a subscription service as well. 

Beyond price, there were also hiccups when it came to selecting devices. Users don’t want to feel cornered into using one brand, they want the autonomy to choose the brands and devices they bring into their home, and most of these systems just don’t offer that flexibility. 

The relationship that people have with their homes is also strained by technology that lacks simple and easy-to-use interfaces. Voice control is not perfect for all control situations, and neither are apps. But when you bring voice, display, touch, and motion control together in one place with an all-in-one app, that’s the smart home experience people not only want but need to easily control their homes.

The Present

As consumer demand for smart home technology continues to explode, homebuyers and homeowners young and old, want their homes to be smart. With so many plug-and-play smart home devices like Ring, Sonos, Amazon, Google Nest, Schlage, and more, adopting smart home devices has become easy and affordable.

The smart home industry, however, is shifting from a focus on the individual smart home devices to a focus on the overall experience of using the home; taking these useful devices that have been introduced and then unifying the experience into something far simpler and more elegant.

This shift involves adding screens and touch interfaces, voice control, and motion, all seamlessly integrated and made available to everyone throughout the house. Over time, we won’t even think about a “smart home,” because intelligence will be built directly into every home - they’ll just be better homes.

Cue, Brilliant.

Meet the Modern Smart Home

A unified smart homes experience isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s expected, and also affordable to every home builder and homeowner.

The Brilliant Smart Home System is the first built-in control system that can be affordably installed in every home. To create a smart home system with Brilliant, you only need one Brilliant Control (starting at $299), and you can link all of your favorite compatible smart home devices. This provides a primary way to control your entire home via the in-wall Brilliant Control Panel and mobile app. Since the Brilliant Control Panel replaces a traditional light switch, there’s no need for custom wiring or renovation—just swap out a light switch and you’ve got a Brilliant Home.



The Brilliant System is feature packed: 

  • Brilliant works with over 20 of the most popular smart home brands and their products
  • Alexa voice is built into every Brilliant Control as an option, and Brilliant also works with Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.
  • Room-to-room intercom when you have two or more Brilliant Control Panels
  • Monitor your home from anywhere by viewing the built-in camera in every Brilliant Control or your Ring cameras from the Brilliant app

The Future

As more people adopt smart home technology, the industry is showing signs of developing a more open and collaborative ecosystem. This will give users more choice and will also help them enjoy the benefit of living in a seamlessly integrated smart home.

Brilliant is one of the companies leading this charge, and we’re on a mission to make the way you interact with all of your smart devices easy and effortless—the way it should be.

The future of every home is Brilliant. 

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