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Brilliant Works With HomeKit (Public Beta)

by Mia Sapienza
Brilliant Works With HomeKit (Public Beta)

Brilliant now works with Apple HomeKit as part of a Public Beta! Consumers are now able to control loads, such as lights and on/off fans that are directly wired to the Brilliant Control from Apple’s Home app, HomePod, or through Siri. This integration expands how consumers can control their home lighting and automation.

Things to try: 

  • Say, “Hey Siri, turn on my Brilliant lights.” 
  • Create a HomeKit scene with Brilliant lighting to automate your home based on occupancy, time of day, or your mood.
  • Invite the people in your home to join the Home app to create lighting scenes based on occupancy and location. 

What is a Public Beta?

A public beta is a feature that is not commercially available but is available for general testing by users. This software may have inaccuracies and those that enable this feature, are agreeing to provide feedback. All of the information gathered is valuable for improving the product. 

More Info:

How to Set Up

How Brilliant Works with HomeKit