Brilliant Team members.

Do you have what it takes to join the Brilliant Team? We are looking for experienced and passionate professionals to help us take Brilliant to the next level. Brilliant is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, and offers competitive salary/stock options, a health plan, and more. If you love the smart home industry, have proven experience in shipping great products, and enjoy working in a high integrity environment, we would love to speak with you!

We are currently hiring for the following positions:


Audio Processing Engineer - Develop and optimize our internal audio architecture, as well as building a variety of custom speech detections components. Preferred candidate has expertise in DSP audio processing, knowledge of Linux, ALSA and Pulseaudio frameworks, experience developing audio solutions with constrained computational resources, knowledge of OpenCL or other GPU compatible parallel computing frameworks to optimize audio processing performance, and an understanding of acoustics applied toward speaker and cavity design.

Electrical Engineer - Design, test, and integrate multiple high-density printed circuit boards.  Drive designs through manufacturing process from integration of DFx feedback to mass production.  Preferred candidates will have experience with both schematic capture and layout; power electronics; test and certification; and microcontroller firmware development.

Linux Engineer - Work on a variety of projects with custom built Linux on custom built hardware. Preferred candidate has brought up ARM Cortex-A based boards, knowledge of cameras, a deep understanding and passion for Linux. Kernel driver development experience preferred.

Mechanical Engineer - Design and optimize hardware, and manage those designs through testing, certification, tooling, and production. Preferred candidates will have experience in consumer products; plastics design, surfacing, and tooling; sensor integration; acoustic design; tolerance analysis and FEA; and rapid prototyping.

Software Developer- Design and develop software for Brilliant Controls, server infrastructure, and mobile companion apps. Preferred candidate can navigate the full stack and has experience with Python, C++, C, Qt, Swift, and/or Kotlin.

Speech Recognition Lead -  Develop and implement wake word detectors, optimizing a local speech recognition engine, and creating an event detector to listen for key sounds such as glass cracking. Preferred candidate has detailed, hands-on knowledge of modern ASR techniques, experience building speech engines for computationally constrained local environments without any server support, experience building models for domain specific ASR, the ability to write shippable, production grade software, knowledge of OpenCL or other GPU compatible parallel computing frameworks.



Marketing Manager - Build our brand and drive sales through digital media, SEO/SEM, public relations, content development, and channel marketing.

Product Manager - Manage new feature development, user experience design, product and partnership strategy, and refine through continuous customer and channel partner feedback.

UX Designer - Develop new touch and voice user experiences, test with our user and pilot communities, and work with our design team to create moments of consumer delight that fit our brand.

E-Commerce Manager - Manage our online strategy and digital channels for both consumer and business customers, working closely with the marketing team to create campaigns that drive sales and awareness. 

If you would like to be considered for one of the above positions, please click on the job and send us an email with your LinkedIn profile, resume/CV, and a short description of why you believe your experience and capabilities are right for the role. We will do our best to get back to you soon!