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Top Smart Locks for a Connected Home

by Mia Sapienza
Top Smart Locks for a Connected Home

The days of digging for your keys or locking yourself out are over thanks to smart locks. Having a smart lock on your doors can not only simplify your life, but it can completely change how you use your home. Plus, when you connect your smart lock to a mobile app, you can manage your home's access from anywhere to let the kids in or even have packages delivered inside. 

As the leading smart home control system, we know how hard it can be to select devices for your home. When selecting a smart lock, you should consider whether or not the lock needs to be retrofitted to your door, how many user codes can be programmed, and if you want secondary security measures like facial recognition or fingerprints.

We've compared and listed our favorite features of the top smart locks so you don't have to! Each of the smart locks we recommend work with the Brilliant Smart Home System, work with Alexa voice commands, integrate with Ring so you can see + speak to whoever is at the door from Brilliant, and are accessible from a mobile-app.

Here are our top 3:

1. Schlage Encode Wi-Fi Deadbolt

Schlage's Encode deadbolt has built-in wi-fi so it connects directly to your home's network. This lock comes in multiple trim and color options so it can fit any home's style perfectly. Plus, when paired with the Amazon Cloud Cam, you can automatically receive in-home deliveries. 


2. Kwikset Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Door Lock 

The Halo smart lock also uses your home's wi-fi so there's no need for additional hubs (yay!). All you need is a wi-fi router, a mobile phone, and the Halo lock, and you can control your home from anywhere. You can even create custom codes for the dog sitter, your neighbor who always needs milk, or a contractor. 


3. August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Although the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect requires a hub to connect to your home's wi-fi, it has two features neither the Schlage Encode nor Kwikset Halo contain.

  1. Auto-Lock + Auto-Unlock: When you arrive or leave home, the auto features will recognize your behavior and adjust! Now you'll never worry about forgetting to lock the house or having to dig for your keys when your hands are full. 
  2. Biometric Verification: When operating your lock from your smartphone, you can enable a fingerprint of facial recognition for unlocking and locking your door. Hooray for secondary security! 


No matter which smart lock you go with, they each have plenty of advantages that add convenience and control to your life. Whether you're creating Brilliant scenes that adjust multiple devices in your home or automatic recognition, you'll never be fumbling for your keys.