Buy any Brilliant Control, get TWO Free Smart Plugs

Buy any Brilliant Control, get TWO Free Smart Plugs

Receive two free Smart Plugs| $59.99 in savings | While supplies last.

$59.99 in savings | While supplies last.

Buy any Brilliant Control, get TWO Free Smart Plugs cover

Control your home from anywhere

No more searching through countless apps on your phone. Manage and control your smart home with the Brilliant app
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Your Smart Home's Remote Control

Stop managing each device separately and juggling multiple apps on your phone. Brilliant solves endless integration headaches!
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Scenes and Routines

Automate your home with a tap or schedule

Combine lighting, music, temperature, and other settings to quickly control mutiple smart home devices simultaneously with a tap on your app or with a scheduled action.

You can:
  • Create or edit scenes from anywhere

  • Activate / Deactivate scenes from home or when you’re away
  • Set up schedules and other home automation triggers

Lighting & Energy control

Control lights and more

Forgot to turn off a light? Want to program your lights to turn on when you are away? Use the Brilliant app to control your home's lighting from anywhere.
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Audio & Video Intercom

Connect with family while away

Stay connected via two-way talk with anyone in your home such as kids, guests, housekeepers, and nannies – regardless of whether you are home or away.


Upload photos to your Brilliant Control

Send photos from your phone to your Brilliant Control and share memories with your entire home. The display is your canvas so have some fun. Nearly all Brilliant users upload at least one personal photo to their Brilliant Control.
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Control your Sonos sound system

Brilliant connects perfectly with your wireless Sonos players to fill your home with great-sounding music, movies, TV, and games. You can adjust the volume, group and ungroup Sonos devices, skip to the next track, play/pause, or select a different Sonos speaker all from the app.


Guided installation for Brilliant devices

The Brilliant app provides step-by-step video installation instructions to help you install your Brilliant Control. Once installed, the all-in-one app will help you connect to all of your favorite smart home products.
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