SPECIAL VALUE: Smart Dimmer Switch bundles!

Smart Dimmer Switch bundles!

3 Dimmer Switches for $62.99 each (code SWITCH3)
10 Dimmer Switches for $59.99 each (code SWITCH10)

3 Dimmer Switches for $62.99 each (code SWITCH3)
10 Dimmer Switches for $59.99 each (code SWITCH10)

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5 Scenes to Level Up Your Smart Home

by artsiom piashchynski

The lights and devices in your home can do much more than just turn on or off. Scenes are a powerful feature within the Brilliant ecosystem that allows devices to be grouped together and controlled via touch, voice, or motion. They can work together to simplify your home and make life easier.


We’re giving you 5 must-have scenes to make your

home a little bit smarter. 


Turn on the lights, adjust the thermostat, stream your favorite playlist, and start brewing the coffee! With the tap of a button, you can wake up your entire home before you’re even out of bed using the Brilliant mobile app. 


Do you find yourself getting up in the middle of the night? Set the lights to turn on to 15% to give yourself just enough light to get up, grab a snack, and get back to bed.

  In a rush and can’t remember if you locked the house and turned off the lights on your way out? Use a “Lock All” scene to turn off all of your home’s lighting, close the garage, and lock the front door. 

Whether you’re dancing or dining, create a scene with the perfect ambiance for entertaining. Turn on the Sonos, set the volume to 50%, set the kitchen and living room lights to 65%, and enjoy your company!  

Activate the Movie Night Scene to turn overhead living room lights off and dim the kitchen lights incase you need to grab a snack! Watching a scary movie? Add a smart lock to your scene to automatically lock the doors. 

The possibilities are endless and the key to creating scenes that work for your home is to be creative! Ready to start building scenes?  Read more.