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Smart Home: A win-win for builders and buyers

Nearly 65% of Americans already own smart home devices* and the majority of home buyers want them already installed. This signals that the future of home building includes smart home devices like smart locks, doorbells, cameras, and more. And not just the option of them, but for them to be a standard feature when a home buyer decides to build with you. 

How does smart home benefit you, the builder? 

By making the right investments in smart home technology, you efficiently increase the appeal of your homes. This leads to increased revenue growth, shorter sales cycles, differentiation from competitors, and arguably most importantly, buyer satisfaction. 

Making your new home builds less costly than you think 

A fully integrated smart home system with smart lighting, locks, cameras, and speakers, can be achieved for under $1000. Plus, all of the products work with the Brilliant Smart Home System so that homeowners can control and access their entire home directly from the wall or their phone. 

By offering smart home as a standard or an upgrade option for smart home devices, you can ultimately sell your homes for 3-5% more. 

To see what top 100 builders like Ashton Woods, The New Home Company, and K.Hovnanian, are installing in their homes, check out this page

Smart for all: Trac, Spec, and Custom

Home automation is no longer reserved for million-dollar homes. No matter the size of the business, Brilliant works for any builder on any budget for every home. Before Brilliant, builders were only upgrading luxury, high end homes with smart home devices- now it’s easy and affordable to put smart homes in 100% of new home builds. 

Since Brilliant installs in place of light switch, your existing integrator or electrician is qualified to install it. There’s no additional wiring or hubs, making it a quick and simple upgrade for every home. 

Offering a whole system vs. offering smart devices

You’ve likely noticed builders offering one-off upgrades of Ring doorbells or smart locks, but what they aren’t offering is an all-in-one smart home system. With Brilliant, you have the opportunity not to sell your customers just a smart home device, but an entire system. Here are some of the features: 

  • A built in camera and microphone for 24/7 home monitoring and room-to-room intercom
  • Automations that activate based on the sunrise or sunset
  • Motion sensors for energy efficiency and automation
  • A built-in photo frame for displaying memories
  • And more… you can read about them here

What if the customer doesn’t like the products you offer? 

Brilliant works with over 20 of the top smart home brands that touch every corner of the home (Sonos, Ring, Kwikset, Schlage, Ecobee, Honeywell, Alexa, and more). With a Brilliant Smart Home System, buyers can plug and play with all of their favorite devices, and adding them to the home is easy. Once installed, there’s no monthly fee, extra hubs, or hidden costs. 

Ready to be a smart home builder that is trailblazing the industry? 

For builders and buyers, smart home is a no brainer. Home buyers get to move into a modern and future-proof home that is easy to use and works with all of their favorite devices. Brilliant makes it easier for Builders to sell their homes, differentiate properties, and receive a high ROI on a low cost investment. Like we said, it’s a win-win. 

Whether you’re ready to become a Brilliant Builder tomorrow or you’re still in the fact-finding stage, we encourage you to reach out by booking a one-on-one demo


*ValuePenguin by Lending Tree