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Getting to know your Brilliant Smart Home

The more you know about your Brilliant Control, the more you’ll love it! We’re teaching you how to maximize your smart home with Brilliant’s must-know features.

Let’s get started with what you can do before your System arrives!

Download the Brilliant mobile app

From the mobile app, you can use a demo version of it so that when your System arrives, you're a step ahead! It’s available for both iOS and Android devices. 

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can sign in using the credentials you made on your Brilliant Control.

And once your System arrives, you'll be able to do all of these things (and more!) from the Brilliant mobile app:

  • Access all of your smart home devices including, lights, locks, cameras, thermostat, and more
  • Activate Scenes from anywhere
  • View inside your home from anywhere using Live View (you’re even able to talk!)
  • And so much more! To learn all about the Brilliant mobile app, click here

Know the credentials to your devices: 

When your System arrives, you'll need to connect your third party devices and accounts (ex. Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit) to your Control. Get your log in information together to make set up simple. 

Now onto what you can do once your System has arrived! 

Controlling your lights via the touchscreen:

To manage and adjust your lights, use the touchscreen on your Brilliant Control. 

  • One finger gestures: Using a single finger, flick up or down to toggle your device on/off. You can also Slide your finger up or down on the touchscreen to dim your lights (if they’re able to be dimmed). 
  • Two finger gestures: Using two fingers, flick up or down to toggle all devices in the room on/off. 
  • To learn more, click here.


Add devices to control:

Brilliant works with a variety of smart home products from brands like Ring, Sonos, Schlage, Nest, and more. You can add compatible devices to your Brilliant Control. Here’s more info on how. Plus, check out all of the brands and products we work with

Add a voice assistant: 

Although Brilliant has Alexa built-in, you are also able to use Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit. See how Brilliant works with your favorite voice assistant. 


Customize your Control:

Show off your favorite photos, artwork, and more when you personalize your home screen. You can upload up to 50 photos from your phone to your Brilliant Control via the Brilliant mobile app. You’re also able to adjust your display setting so that the screen is only on during certain times of the day and never too bright. Learn more here



Congrats! You’ve got the basics down. 

Now you know how to personalize, customize, edit, and use, all of the top features on your Brilliant Control!