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eBook: How to Make Every House a Smart Home

by Mia Sapienza
eBook: How to Make Every House a Smart Home

This article presents highlights from the full ebook, which can be downloaded here.

Until recently, a truly universal, affordable smart home system that was simple and intuitive, didn’t exist. As a home building professional, you’re probably familiar with the high-end smart home systems like Crestron, Elan, and Control4- you can only sell them to 1 percent of your clients due to the high cost, plus installation and maintenance. 

The Brilliant Smart Home System entered the market in 2018 as a home control and smart lighting system that makes it easy for anyone to control their lighting, music, doorbells, locks, cameras, thermostats, intercoms, scenes and more. It is simple to install (pop out a light switch, connect the Brilliant panel), integrates with the top brands in each home category, and offers the world’s first affordable in-wall smart home control system. 

Born out of Frustration 

Brilliant Co-Founder and CEO, Aaron Emigh, an accomplished Silicon Valley technology entrepreneur and inventor, wasn’t looking to add another innovation to his list of more than 100 patents, he was just trying to use his house. “One day I realized the more products you put in your house, the more you hate using your house because if I just want to dim the lights, I have to authenticate my smartphone, scroll around to whatever home apps I have, pick one and then I can finally control it.”

The Brilliant Difference 

Not only is Brilliant affordable, it’s easy to install. For consumers, for professionals, for everyone. It’s also incredibly easy and intuitive to add top smart home products like Ring, Schlage, Honeywell, and more to the ecosystem. And it wasn’t long before builders went against their cynical instincts and checked out the company to see if, finally, there was a system they could offer that wouldn’t result in installation headaches, callbacks, and disgruntled homeowners. 


Ready Made for Tech

Graham Hart is one of the first homebuilders to standardize with Brilliant in their Dallas-Fort Worth area homes. The company’s Division Manager, Brandon Tatta shares, “We pride ourselves on being an agile builder, being able to incorporate new popular trends... we decided to separate ourselves further and become the market leader in how we introduced smart home technology.” In other words, while other builders may have also been offering connected home systems in the market as an upgrade option, Graham Hart wanted to provide smart home technology as a standard.”

We provide our builder partners with training, resources, free Controls and Smart Dimmer Switches to install in model homes, trial discounts, marketing support, and employee accommodation programs. 

Installers on Board

David Berman, President of ESD Technologies, a seasoned veteran installer in the home technology space, has decades of experience watching home technology options evolve. He is keenly aware of the drawbacks of legacy home automation systems, and when he discovered Brilliant, he moved 100 percent of his business to the platform and never looked back. Berman shares, “Builders don’t have to invest $40,000 in technology for their homeowners,” he says. “Brilliant solves so many issues, doesn’t require programming, and the customer can do everything on their own once they are in the house.”



A Brilliant Future

We’re rapidly expanding our ecosystem of smart home partners. This year, we’ve announced new partnerships and integrations with Genie Garage Doors, Kwikset Halo, and even multifamily offerings that work with ButterflyMX, Entrata, and more. Other product partnerships will eventually include such items as window shades, hot tub controls, pool controls, and more partners and features for every category. Not only will Brilliant owners be able to easily add new products to their system, but they will also be able to participate in future programs coming online over the next 12 to 36 months. Solar power connectivity, aging in place features, and the ability to join money-saving demand side management programs offered by utilities—will all be available via an attractive dashboard in their homes. 

If you’ve like to read the full eBook, you can download it here