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Smart Home Simplified

Now every home can be smart

Transform any house or apartment into an easy-to-use
smart home with the Brilliant Smart Home System.

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“King of the Smart Home”
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Introducing the

Brilliant Smart Home System

Brilliant is an in-wall lighting and control system that makes it easy for homeowners, families, guests to control lighting, doorbells, locks, cameras, music, climate, intercom, scenes, and more. It’s easy to install, integrates with the top brands in every smart home category, and transforms any house or apartment into an easy-to-use smart home.

Unified Control

Make your house a true smart home

Easily control your lighting, music, cameras, locks, climate, scenes, and more—all from your wall. Includes built-in voice, camera, motion sensor, and intercom plus a free all-in-one mobile app.

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Smart Lighting

Add smart lighting to any room

Turn regular lights into smart lights and make smart bulbs even smarter with the new Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch. Automatically turn lights on and off based on motion detection, and do a whole lot more.

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One system. Total control.

The perfect smart home

One system. Total control.

Introducing the Brilliant Smart Home System: The world’s only affordable built-in smart home control system with integrated whole-home lighting.

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All together now

All together now

There are a lot of smart home products out there, but the problem is they haven't worked well with one another. Brilliant unites all your favorite smart home devices together in one simple to use control system, and helps them work better together.
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Build With Brilliant

The new standard for home construction and renovations

Brilliant makes it possible for every new home and apartment to be a smart home. It’s also the only in-wall smart home system that can be easily installed in retrofit renovations.

The Award-winning New Standard in Smart Lighting and Control

Here’s just a few of our notable awards and honors.

Brilliant Award
Brilliant Award
Brilliant Award
Brilliant Award
Brilliant Award
Brilliant Award
Brilliant Award