SPECIAL VALUE: Smart Dimmer Switch bundles!

SPECIAL VALUE: Smart Dimmer Switch bundles!

3 Dimmer Switches for $62.99 each (code SWITCH3)
10 Dimmer Switches for $59.99 each (code SWITCH10)

3 Dimmer Switches for $62.99 each (code SWITCH3)
10 Dimmer Switches for $59.99 each (code SWITCH10)

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in-wall touchscreen control

Smart Home Without The Hassle

Effortlessly control all of your smart home devices from one, easy to access and easy to use, control panel on your wall or a single app on your phone.

Device frame image

“King Of the Smart Home” ★★★★

“Homes just got smarter with the Brilliant Control in the midst” ★★★★★

"A slick, in-wall controller that replaces a simple light switch"

Highest Rated Smart Home Control. Ever. ★★★★

Display + Touch + VOICE + MOTION + Camera + App

All-in-one Smart Home System

Lighting icon


Turn any light into a smart light and intelligently control smart lighting products like Philips Hue, LIFX, Lutron and more.

Climate icon


Control your home’s temperature with Google Nest and Ecobee thermostats from any Brilliant Control.

Brilliant device - all together
Music icon


Browse your favorite music and playlists and let everyone at home control your Sonos system.

Lock icon


See who’s at the front door with Ring and let them in with a tap via August and other smart door locks.

Easy for everyone


Easy for everyone

Spouses, kids, family, friends, and guests can easily use all your smart home devices. Brilliant lets you choose the best way to interact with your home in every situation: touch, voice, motion, or an all-in-one app.

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Everything in one place


Everything in one place

Brilliant unifies control of all your smart home devices into one, easy-to-use touchscreen on your wall and on your phone. With display, touch, voice, motion and a built-in camera, now you can choose the best way to interact with your home in every situation.

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Brilliant - How It Works


One control for all your devices

Control everything in your home from anywhere.


Connect a Honeywell, Google Nest, or ecobee thermostat to your Brilliant Control to control your home’s climate using touch, voice (Alexa), and scenes. With the Brilliant mobile app, you can also control your home's climate from anywhere.



Never miss a visitor or package while you’re at home or away. Connect your Ring Video Doorbell to see who’s at the door right on the Brilliant display


Smart Lighting

Turn your standard lights into smart lights and intelligently control Philips Hue and other smart lights from your walls. Combine your smart lights with other devices to create scenes and set the mood in any room.



Sometimes, you just want to stream. At other times, you want to play DJ. Sometimes you have your phone, and sometimes you don't. With Brilliant, you can play your music and adjust the audio settings using Alexa, the touchscreen, or your smartphone. You choose, you rule!



Lock/unlock your door from anywhere with August, Schlage or Yale locks.



Expand access control to your garage with Genie Wi-Fi garage openers. Open and close your garages from any Brilliant Control and Brilliant's all-in-one mobile app. You can also add Genie-powered garage doors to your home automation scenes (Goodnight Scene: turn off all lights, lock doors, close garage, adjust thermostat).


Amazon Alexa is built in!

Clutter-Free Control

Alexa is built into every Brilliant, meaning that you can control all of your devices effortlessly using just your voice. With Alexa built into every Brilliant, you can free up your countertops and tables from all the techno-clutter.

  • Ask Alexa for news, sports or weather and get a verbal and visual response.
  • Ask Alexa to turn down the lights, turn on your music, or for help with tasks
  • Ask Alexa if there are UFOs or for the value of pi
Brilliant - Hands Free
Alexa, turn up music Turning music up


Room-to-room video chat

Unite the home with the simple press of a button.

Brilliant - Intercom - Mom Brilliant - Intercom - Mom

Every Brilliant includes a microphone and camera with privacy shutter.

Brilliant - Intercom - Kids Brilliant - Intercom - Kids

Place video or audio calls between rooms when you install two or more.


Live View

Keep an eye on what matters most

Presentation image Presentation image Presentation image Presentation image
Device image Device image Device image Device image

Stay connected via two-way talk with anyone in your home such as kids, guests, housekeepers, and nannies – regardless of whether you are home or away. With Live View, check in on any room from any Brilliant Control or with the all-in-one Brilliant Control app.

Your photos on the wall

Brilliant is a digital photo frame

Send photos from your phone to Brilliant and share memories with your entire home. The display is your canvas so have some fun!

Personal touch Personal touch
Personal touch Personal touch
Personal touch Personal touch

All Together Now

There are a lot of smart home products out there, but the problem is they haven't worked well with one another. Brilliant unites all your favorite smart home devices together in one simple to use control, and helps them work better together. Brilliant lets you combine your lighting, music, temperature, and other settings to quickly control your smart home with a tap, a voice command, or simply by walking into a room.

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Total Home Automation

Set the mood with Brilliant Scenes

Scenes are a great way to control your home with a touch of a button or with your voice. A “Good Morning” scene is an easy and fun way to have the house wake up to greet you. Have the lights gradually turn on, queue up your favorite song, and set that perfect morning temperature.

Set the scene for a great dinner party -- automatically turn the music on, the lights down, and have some fun.

Save energy by setting your your home to shut down after a long day. Turn the lights turn off, queue up your favorite songs, set the temperature to a cozy level, and don't forget to lock the door.

Brilliant - Lighting 100%
Brilliant - Climate 74°
Brilliant - Music ON
Brilliant - Blinds UP
Brilliant - Lighting 80%
Brilliant - Climate 68°
Brilliant - Music ON
Brilliant - Lighting 80%
Brilliant - Climate 68°
Brilliant - Music ON
Brilliant - Lock LOCK
Brilliant - Scenes Morning Brilliant - Scenes Dinner Brilliant - Scenes Bedtime

Be Brilliant, Anywhere

Not at home? No problem.

Brilliant has iOS and Android apps for remote home control. With your Brilliant app, we're putting your home in your hands. Literally.

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