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Brilliant & Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is built into every Brilliant Control, so you can control all of your devices effortlessly using Alexa voice commands. Now you can free your countertops and tables from techno-clutter!

Product Features

  • Alexa is built into Brilliant - use the Brilliant Control to speak directly to Alexa
  • Lights and devices connected to Brilliant are also discovered by Alexa
  • Control Brilliant devices with an Echo or any other Alexa-enabled device

Ask Alexa to…

  • Control lighting
  • Provide weather information
  • Play music on your Sonos
  • Activate a Brilliant Scene or an Alexa routine
  • Control any smart devices connected to your Alexa account

How it Works

  1. On your Brilliant Control, go to SETTINGS > WORKS WITH BRILLIANT
  2. Tap the AMAZON ALEXA and log into your Alexa account
  3. Once your login is complete, you can speak to Alexa through your Brilliant Control
  4. You can control any device already connected to your Alexa account or add new devices

To control your Brilliant devices: 

  1. Open the Alexa mobile app or visit the Alexa Skills website
  2. Go to the SKILLS section, search BRILLIANT and enable the “Brilliant - Smart Home Control” Skill
  3. Select DISCOVER DEVICES so Alexa can connect to your Brilliant devices
  4. Alexa is now ready for your commands

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