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Brilliant & Google Nest

Google Nest

Brilliant & Google Nest - Supported Devices

Notice from Works with Nest

On 8/31, Google will no longer allow new connections from your Nest account to any third party, thereby ending the Works with Nest program. Read more about Google's changes in their update "We Hear You".

You must connect your Nest device with Brilliant before 8/31 to use your Nest on Brilliant. You are no longer able to create new Nest accounts through Google. 

Brilliant is working with Google to identify a long term integration plan.  We have had discussions with them and are cautiously optimistic, but they are still figuring out the details.  We value our integrations with Nest and will be working with Google to ensure that new integrations continue to be possible in the future.  We will give you further updates as we have more information to share.

    Product Features

    • Control thermostat temperature
    • Create scenes that include climate control
    • Adjust temperature before you arrive home with the Brilliant mobile app
    • Ask Alexa on Brilliant to adjust your climate on your Nest devices

    Supported Devices

    • Nest Learning Thermostat
    • Nest Thermostat E

    How it Works

    1. Install your Brilliant Control and complete setup.
    2. Ensure that your Nest thermostat(s) are setup on the Nest mobile app.
    3. Select the room assigned to the Nest thermostat and press the ADD NEW DEVICE button
    4. Select NEST THERMOSTAT and Log into your Nest account on the Brilliant Control
    5. Once connected, you can control your climate on screens such as HOME, CLIMATE, SCENES and also using the Brilliant mobile app
    6. Create scenes like HOME and AWAY to include a scene action with your Nest thermostat
    7. Add the Nest Thermostat Alexa Skill to control climate via Alexa

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