Brilliant & Kwikset


Control access to your home by connecting your Kwikset smart lock to the Brilliant Control. You can also use Alexa on your Brilliant Control to control your smart locks by voice.

Supports these devices and more:

Brilliant & Kwikset - Supported Devices

Product Features

  • Lock and unlock your door using the Brilliant Control or mobile app
  • Use lock and unlock events in scenes to trigger lighting and climate controls
  • See and speak to visitors and unlock the door when you connect a Kwikset smart lock and Ring Doorbell to the Brilliant Control

Supported Devices

Kwikset Locks compatible with SmartThings

How it Works

  1. Install your Brilliant Control and complete setup
  2. Ensure that your Kwikset smart locks are connected to your SmartThings account
  3. Select the room where you have Kwikset locks and press the ADD NEW DEVICE button
  4. Select SMARTTHINGS and follow instructions to add your Kwikset devices.
  5. Your smart lock is now on your Brilliant and can control your locks on screens such as HOME, LOCKS, SCENES and also using the Brilliant mobile app
  6. To control the lock using Alexa, enable the Kwikset Kevo Alexa skill in the Alexa app

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