Buy any Brilliant Control, get TWO Free Smart Plugs

Buy any Brilliant Control, get TWO Free Smart Plugs

Receive two free Smart Plugs| $59.99 in savings | While supplies last.

$59.99 in savings | While supplies last.

Buy any Brilliant Control, get TWO Free Smart Plugs cover

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Brilliant & Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Brilliant allows the Google Assistant to control the lights or devices (like on/off switches or power outlets) that are connected directly to the Brilliant Controls in your home. Once set up, you can say, "Hey Google, turn on the kitchen light" and your Google Assistant-enabled device will respond.

Product Features

  • Control Brilliant devices with a Google Home or any other Google Assistant enabled device
  • Set up routines with Brilliant devices using the Google Assistant or Google Home apps

    How it Works

    1. Install your Brilliant Control and complete setup
    2. Install the Google Home App on your mobile phone
    3. In the Google Home App, add a device to your home by searching for BRILLIANT and select “Brilliant Light Control”
    4. Link your Brilliant account to your Google account
    5. Your Brilliant devices are now connected to Google Home and the Google Assistant
    6. Control your devices in the Google Home app or by talking to Google Assistant on any Google Assistant-enabled device
    7. Add routines that help automate your home, like turning off your lights at bedtime

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