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Add smart lighting to any room

Smart Dimmer Switch

Turn regular lights into smart lights and make smart bulbs even smarter. The Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch combines with a Brilliant Smart Home Control to create the world’s first integrated smart lighting and home control system.

This enables smart lighting to be added throughout your entire home with easy to use controls built into the walls of your home—accessible by touch, voice, motion, or an app.

Instant Smart Lighting

Control your lights any way you like

Motion Control

Motion Control

Automatically turns lights off when a room is unoccupied.
Voice Control

App Control

Use the Brilliant app to control your lights from anywhere.
App Control

Voice Control

Use Alexa or Google Assistant speakers to control your lights hands-free.

How it works

Decora faceplate not included
Motion Sensor
Automatically turns lights off when a room is unoccupied.
Scene Control
Double tap to set the mood with a scene that includes lighting, climate, music, and more.
Dimming Slider
Use the touch slider to adjust the brightness of any dimmable light.
Capacitive Touch
Tap anywhere on the capacitive touch plate to turn the lights on and off.
Automation & Scenes

Automation & Scenes

The perfect lighting for every moment

Combine control of multiple lights into scenes to create the perfect lighting for cooking, dining, watching TV, and more. You can also create a scene to turn off all your lights when it’s time for bed.

Smart Bulb Control

Smart Bulb Control

Make smart bulbs even smarter

Bring traditional in-wall control to Phillips Hue, LIFX, and more. You no longer need to avoid using your wall switches in order to remotely control your lights.

Schedules & timers

Schedules & timers

Never come home to a dark house

Set your lights to automatically turn on / off while you're home or for peace of mind while away.

Upgrade one room or your entire home

All you need is one Brilliant Control and a few Brilliant Dimmer Switches to get started. Most people like having a Brilliant Control in rooms where they spend the most time, like the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms.

Smart Home Control
Brilliant Control & Switch

Smart Home Control

Make your house a smart home

Easily control your lighting, music, cameras, locks, climate, scenes, and more—all from your wall. Includes built-in voice, camera, motion sensor, and intercom plus a free all-in-on mobile app.

Where can Brilliant be installed?

Brilliant Dimmer Switches can control single pole lights and circuits with multiple switches. All switches in a 3-way or multiway circuit must be Brilliant devices (either a Home Control or Dimmer Switch).

Single Pole