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9 smart connectivity systems for multifamily housing communities

Brilliant Smart Home System helps developers and property managers offer a premium built-in smart apartment experience at an affordable price. Brilliant control panels make it easy for...
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Google Nest integration is finally coming back to Brilliant's smart home system

After nearly two years, Nest integration is finally coming back to Brilliant's platform. If you have a Brilliant smart home control in your house, you will now be able to combine Google Nest with the rest of your smart home devices.
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Brilliant Launches Smart Multifamily Platform

"The system is designed to easily install in both new and existing multifamily properties. Within each unit, residents can control any of their home’s smart features—including lighting, climate, music, locks, or intercom systems..."
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Brilliant Smart Home Control Review 2020

"Brilliant was created for folks who are buried in dozens of smartphone apps and who are looking for an all-in-one solution for managing and controlling their smart home devices."
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Best smart light switches in 2020

"This high-tech touch screen lets you control multiple smart home devices, as well as your lights."
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Review: Brilliant home automation system with HomeKit lives up to its name

Apple Insider gives Brilliant 4.5 stars. "The number of features found in Brilliant is truly incredible and there is little like it on the market. With HomeKit support, this easily jumps to the top of our best smart home accessories list."
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Brilliant can now open and close your garage door [With the Genie Company Garage Doors]

"Brilliant's touchscreen controller can manage one more element of the home now through its wall panel — the garage door. The new feature works with many of Genie garage door openers, letting people use the Brilliant device and app, to open and close those doors from inside their home, or from the app if they're in the car."
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Q+A with Aaron Emigh, CEO of Brilliant, on COVID-19 and the Global Supply Chain

"It was a matter of staying in close communication with everybody...We made sure that we could fulfill all of the contractual commitments that we had, the relationships with the builders and the operators of multifamily housing..."
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