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Home builders qualify for FREE sample products and trial discounts!

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Smarter Living

Build the smart home experience homebuyers want and deserve

Brilliant was designed to make it easy for everyone to enjoy all the benefits of living in a true smart home.
  • Convenience
  • Ease of use
  • Personalization
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Smarter Homes

The right controls and experiences make all the difference

Brilliant touchscreen panels make it easy for everyone at home to control lighting, climate, cameras, locks, music, home automation scenes, and more.
Every Brilliant Control includes built-in Alexa with audio and visual responses, which eliminates the need to add voice assistant clutter to countertops.
 (Brilliant also works with Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit/Siri devices)
Add affordable smart lighting throughout your home: supports dimming, voice, motion detection, double-tap scene control, and multiway circuits.
Control the temperature from your thermostat or any Brilliant Control using schedules or a voice commmand or by activating a scene.
See who’s at the door from any Brilliant Control Panel and communicate via 2-way audio, all without needing a phone.
Offer keyless access control and give homeowners the abillity to control access using an app or any Brilliant Control.
Open and close your garage from any Brilliant Conrol Panel or the Brilliant app, or create a scene that secures your entire home.
Let everyone at home easily browse and play music from any Brilliant Control through Sonos speakers/amps without needing an app or phone.
Control window shades from any Brilliant Control or using voice commands, scenes, schedules, or an app.
Make lamps or any plug-in devices controllable from any Brilliant Control or using voice commands, scenes, schedules, or an app.

Built-in Control

Easily control your home with in-wall touchscreen panels

Smart Home Control Frame
Smart Home Control slide 1 Smart Home Control slide 2 Smart Home Control slide 3 Smart Home Control slide 4 Smart Home Control slide 5 Smart Home Control slide 6 Smart Home Control slide 7 Smart Home Control slide 8 Smart Home Control slide 9 Smart Home Control slide 10 Smart Home Control slide 11
Control Screen Front door on mobile app slide Scenes on mobile app slide Thermostat on mobile app slide Access on mobile app slide Home screen on mobile app slide Living room on mobile app slide Motion settings on mobile app slide Home settings on mobile app slide Wether on mobile app slide Music on mobile app slide

Home Control

Intuitive touchscreen controls make it easy for residents and their guests to easily control all available smart experiences.

Video Doorbells

See, speak with, and grant access to visitors who ring your apartment using a ButterflyMX smart intercom.

Home Automation Scenes

Turn everything off when you leave or set the perfect lighting for any occasion—all with a tap, voice command, or schedule.


Adjust the temp, create heating and cooling schedules, or add climate settings to any home automation scene.

Locks & Garage Openers

Unlock doors for visitors to enter the property and your apartment.

Photo Frame

Display your favorite photos and artwork to make your home feel more like home.


Check in on your home, pets, and loved ones and view live video feeds from every Brilliant Control using the Brilliant mobil app.

Motion Detection

Automatically turn lights on/off by setting schedules and timers that take advantage of Brilliant’s built-in motion sensor.


Easily dim and control all the llghting in your aparment with a tap, swipe, voice command, motion detection, or scene.

Alexa Built-In

Control your apartment with your voice and get audio and visual responses when you ask questions.


Everyone at home can easily browse and play music, playlists, and internet radio stations when Sonos speakers are inistalled.


Easy for everyone

Brilliant makes it easy for everyone—family, kids, seniors, and guests—to choose the best way to control things in every situation: touch, voice, scenes, or app.
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Customizable system

Homeowners can easily add their own voice assistant devices (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit) and other smart home products compatible with the Brilliant System.
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App Control

Easily control your home with in-wall touchscreen panels

Brilliant Devices in mobile app Scenes on mobile app Room on mobile app

Home Control

Control and check in on your home from anywhere with the all-in-one Brilliant app for iOS and Android.

Scenes & Home Automation

Use mobile credentials to open doors with smart locks that you have access to: main entrance, gym, pool, your apartment, etc.

Intercom & Live View

Check in on your pets and loved ones from anywhere, see live video from the built-in camera, and communicate using 2-way audio.

Open Ecosystem

Works with the most popular voice assistants and smart home products

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Easily add more smart home devices and features to enhance your home experience.

Bulit-in Controls Benefit

Bulit-in Controls

Receive discounts or sample product to try Brilliant for yourself.

Added Security Benefit

Added Security

View security cameras, control locks, and check in on your home from anywhere.

Energy Efficiency Benefit

Energy Efficiency

Use motion detection and schedules to save on lighting and heating/cooling.

Home Automation Benefit

Home Automation

Create custom experiences and control multiple devices simultaneously with a tap or schedule.

Open Ecosystem Benefit

Open Ecosystem

Brilliant works with the most popular smart home products in every category.

Expandable System Benefit

Expandable System

Easily add more smart home devices and features to enhance your home experience.

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