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Your Smart Home Standard

From lights, music, climate, security, and doorbells to whatever comes next, Brilliant provides homeowners with unified access to their whole home. Partnering with Brilliant allows you to set your projects apart from the rest and excite home buyers, realtors, and everyone in between. Building with Brilliant allows you to create smart homes rather than homes with smart devices.

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The New Smart Home Standard

The new home automation standard

Smart home technology is no longer a nice to have in home construction, it’s an essential feature just like windows, doors, floor tiles, or new kitchen appliances. The expectation is that smart home products will come included in new homes. Buyers are looking to builders and real estate agents to provide the latest in smart home technology products. Home builders with a strong smart home technology program can increase revenues, profits, and overall home satisfaction.

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The era of smart has arrived

Keep your homes ahead of the curve

Not so long ago, a misconception was that there was limited interest in smart home technology among home buyers. Fully integrated smart homes were thought to be a thing of the future and only for the lifestyles of the rich, famous, or tech savvy. Those days have passed. According to the NAHB, installing smart home technology can increase the final closing price of a home by 3% to 5%. Brilliant has created a platform that universally unites homes with seamless touch, voice, motion, and mobile app controls.

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Home Upgrading, Made Simple

Brilliant is designed for everyone

Home buyers young and old want high-tech products in their homes to help them live a simplified lifestyle. Historically millennials have been the earliest adopters when it comes to smart home technology; however, now all generations are looking for technology to make their homes "just work."

Smart Family

Smart Family

The Tyndalls are working parents looking to purchase a larger home that can accommodate their growing family. With kids just entering elementary school, they want a safe neighborhood, good schools, and the right amount of "smart" in their new home to help them manage their busy life. They are perfect candidates for a Brilliant smart home package.



John is about to buy his first home; he expects his future home will be pre-equipped with Wi-Fi, an audio music system, and the latest in security and climate. If the home doesn't have the latest in technology, he will move on to the next open house because he wants his home to be fully customizable without a lot of work.

Empty Nesters

Empty Nesters

The Chengs have sent their final kid off to college. Both Brandon and Laurie have their own new home wish lists. Brandon wants to invest in a smart doorbell and climate system and Laurie looks forward to smart locks not only for the added security, but also to make it easier when their children visit. Both want to simplify and automate their new home to enjoy an "empty nest".

Fully integrated

Smart home system

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We provide your customers with fully integrated smart home solutions. As a Brilliant Pro, you deliver an easy-to-use solution that the entire household will use.
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Program benefits


Consultative Strategy & Sales

With our help, your vision can quickly come into being. We collaborate with you to develop the right smart home strategy, sales approach, and product ecosystem for your home building projects.


Marketing & Model Home Programs

Our team is your team. We provide model home devices and marketing materials so you can clearly communicate value to your prospects and clients and showcase smart solutions in your model homes.


VIP Support & Training

Get priority help with questions and troubleshooting. Brilliant also delivers extensive online training support with professional installation guides, videos, live chat, and FAQs.