SPECIAL VALUE: Smart Dimmer Switch bundles!

Smart Dimmer Switch bundles!

3 Dimmer Switches for $62.99 each (code SWITCH3)
10 Dimmer Switches for $59.99 each (code SWITCH10)

3 Dimmer Switches for $62.99 each (code SWITCH3)
10 Dimmer Switches for $59.99 each (code SWITCH10)

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The Smart Home Control Panel You Need

Controls these products and more

Amazon Alexa
Apple Homekit
Google Nest
Honeywell Home
Hey Google
Smart Things

Key Features

Smart Home Control
Smart Home Control

Connects to compatible smart home products over Wi-Fi so you can control your music, climate, locks, and more.
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Alexa in every room
Alexa in every room

Amazon Alexa is built in for voice control. Ask Alexa for home control, news, sports, and more.

Smart lights
Smart lights

Turns any lights into smart lights. Supports LED, CFL, halogen, and incandescent bulbs, and works with dimmable lighting.

Video and Audio intercom
Video and Audio intercom

Video intercom with privacy shutter for video or audio calls between rooms when you install two or more in your home.

Scene for every occasion
Scene for every occasion

Scenes are an easy way to combine lighting, music, temperature, and other settings to quickly control your smart home with a single tap.

Your photos on the wall
Your photos on the wall

Send photos from your phone to Brilliant and share memories with your entire home. The display is your canvas so have some fun!

Be Brilliant, Anywhere
Be Brilliant, Anywhere

Not at home? Forgot to turn off a light? No problem. Brilliant has Android and iOS apps for remote home control.

Works with Google Assistant
Works with Google Assistant

Once set up, you can say, "Hey Google, turn on the kitchen light" and your Google Assistant-enabled device will respond.

Motion Control
Motion Control

Motion and ambient light sensors detect when someone has entered the room, automatically turning on the display and any programmed scene.

Just As Easy As Installing A Light Switch

Brilliant replaces any standard light switch and comes in four models to fit any standard electrical box (single to 4-switch wall box). No custom wiring, modifications or hubs required. Brilliant also turns standard lights into smart lights that you can control with a simple voice command, tap or motion.
Remove Any Standard Light Switch image
1 Remove Any Light Switch
Install Brilliant In Minutes image
2 Install Brilliant In Minutes
Control Your Lights And Smart Home image
3 Control Your Lights And Smart Home

Tech Specs

Frequently Asked Questions

Brilliant supports LED, CFL, halogen, incandescent. Dimmable incandescent and LED lights also work. Brilliant does not support MLV lighting. There are features to help you perfect your lighting experience, such as auto-detecting your light capabilities, setting your dimmable range, and other adjustments to minimize or eliminate flickering. We have tested this with a wide range of lighting vendors to great success. Brilliant also works with numerous lighting products such as Phillips Hue, Lutron, and Lifx through the SmartThings Hub. See all

Yes, Brilliant supports dimmable incandescent and LED lights. There are also features to help you perfect the experience, such as auto-sensing your light capabilities, setting your dimmable range, and other adjustments to minimize or eliminate flickering. We have tested this with a wide range of lighting vendors to great success.

Your home does need to be up to code to use a Brilliant, with load, line, ground, and neutral wires present. If your house was built in the mid-1980s or later, there is an excellent chance that you have neutrals everywhere in your home. Learn more

Yes, we support 3-way switching. You can set up a Brilliant to work with switches from another manufacturer in a 3-way configuration as long as that other switch is on/off, and not a dimmer. You can also set up multiple Brilliants in a 3-way configuration with dimming. Learn more

We support a wide variety of smart home products, and are always adding new partners. Our primary connection method is to use Wi-Fi for partner products like Sonos, Ring, Google Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell, Philips Hue, Wemo lights, August Lock, and smart plugs, and more. If you would like to connect to smart locks like Schlage, or already have Z-Wave or Zigbee products, we also support hubs from SmartThings so you can control them from a Brilliant. Amazon Alexa is already built in, so you just need to connect to your Amazon account. You can also use both Google Assistant/Google Home and Apple HomeKit devices to voice control the lights. See all partners

All you need is one Brilliant Control to get started, but most people like having Brilliant in rooms where they spend the most time, like the living room, kitchen and bedrooms. On average, most Brilliant users install anywhere from 3-5 Brilliant Controls. The more Brilliant Controls you install, the better the experience is. Installing two or more will also let you enjoy the room-to-room intercom feature. It's always easy to add more Brilliant Controls to your home.

We designed Brilliant so that everyone (family and guests in particular) can quickly understand how it works with no training. Once you install Brilliant, you can swipe your finger up/down on the screen to turn on/off lights. For Brilliant Controls made to replace 2-4 switches, move your fingers up and down on the touch sliders. Adjusting the Sonos volume or music track that you are listening to has never been easier.

As long as your ceiling fan has an on/off switch, then yes we can support it. We do not currently support speed-adjusting ceiling fans.  

Yes, Brilliant will work without Wi-Fi or an Internet connection. You will need Wi-Fi to use the video intercom, or to connect to other smart home devices in the house. An Internet connection is required to use Alexa. But if Wi-Fi isn't present, Brilliant will use Bluetooth to connect with each other. 

No, our initial product is made for 120v, not the 240v standard that is present in the UK and many other countries. We do not have plans to launch an international product in 2019.

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