Product Manager


We are looking for a passionate and creative Product Manager to join the product team at Brilliant. The Product Manager will be responsible for working with the product team and engineers to research, understand, design, implement, and test key features for our flagship product, the Brilliant Control. The Brilliant Control is a unique product due to its ability to interact with consumers in many ways (touch, voice, motion sensing, mobile, etc.), while also controlling a wide range of smart home products (lights, music, climate, etc.). The Product Manager will bring the user experience to life using wireframes, interactive demos, and live features.


  • Partner with multiple stakeholders, including product managers, engineers, and other designers in drafting & brainstorming initial concepts and bringing them to fruition across both mobile and embedded systems
  • Participate, create, and utilize both quantitative and qualitative methods in understanding usage trends - including usability testing and analytics platforms
  • Manage goals, priorities, and deliverables for the UX and product functions that align with project milestones
  • Determine requirements and prioritization leveraging user research, partner needs, and product insight. Meet regularly with customers and channel partners to build intuition
  • Convey design ideas via sketches, storyboards, user flows, wireframes and prototypes