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Get 10% off all Brilliant Starter Packs
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Partnerships Product Manager

Partnerships Product Manager at Brilliant

How often do you get the opportunity to work on a tangible, physical product that can change the daily lives of every American household? 

Think about our cars today. They have dozens of computers within them. Do we call them “smart cars”? What we call “smart homes” today will just be known as homes in the near future. Brilliant hopes to democratize the smart home itself. We build products that naturally blend within the aesthetic of your home, and allow your home to still feel like a home - not a jumble of electronics. 

We also happen to be in an era where the type of experiences that have traditionally been accessible to the top 1% of households can be available for all households. Now. That’s in the matter of hundreds of dollars instead of tens of thousands. 

We are looking for a Partnerships Product Manager to join the Brilliant Product team and help bring that vision alive - and it’s going to be an exciting journey! 

Brilliant creates technology that makes it fun and easy to interact directly with your home.

Our first product, the Brilliant Control, replaces an existing light switch to give you touch and voice access to lighting, music, climate, and other smart home products. Our newest products include a Smart Home Switch and Smart Plug that showcase our ability to complete smart home lighting as well as being the center of the smart home. We also have an all-in-one mobile app for use when remote, available across iOS and Android.

For enterprise customers, we recently launched the Brilliant Command Center, which helps property managers become more efficient, save time/money, detect issues, and increase resident satisfaction.

This role is designed for a Partnerships Product Manager with at least 5 years of product management experience and 3 years of experience working in a Business Development capacity. 

Brilliant is built on integrations and partnerships. In addition to building new integration experiences and improving existing ones, this role will involve a large BD component where you will interface with partners to drive value from integrations and GTM opportunities.

As we are an early-stage company, successful candidates will demonstrate the ability to work quickly and collaboratively, infusing their work with creativity and compassion for our customers. Being able to test, adjust, and launch in a high-growth environment will be a critical skill. Experience at a startup is a plus. 


  • Work across a wide range of projects, technologies and devices (including mobile, web, and smart home/IOT devices) to build innovative products.
  • Collaborate with third-party integration partners like Amazon, Google, and Allegion to build new features. See our full list of partners here
  • Work with Business Development, Sales, and Marketing teams to bring new products to market. Drive mutual value for both Brilliant and its partners. 
  • Embed yourself within product development teams that include other product managers, engineers, and designers to perform end-to-end product management for new features and initiatives. 
    • Drafting & brainstorming initial concepts and bringing them to fruition across both mobile and embedded systems.
    • Create iterative wireframes and designs that meet project objectives, and respond to feedback from internal teams and user testing
    • Participate, create, and utilize both quantitative and qualitative methods in understanding usage trends - including usability testing and analytics platforms. 
    • Actively partner with engineering during implementation to resolve blockers and conduct product reviews to reduce bugs and unintended user experiences. 
    • Perform post-launch analysis and identify next steps for initiatives. 
  • Within initiatives, determine requirements and prioritization leveraging user research, partner needs, and product insight. Meet regularly with customers and channel partners to build intuition.


  • 5+ years of experience working as a Product Manager 
  • 3+ years of experience working with partners or customers in a business development or sales capacity.
  • Bachelor's degree required from a strong university, preferably in a technical or analytical field (e.g. Natural Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, or Finance). 
  • Experience with product, design, and strategy that meet user needs, product requirements, and business goals
  • Aptitude for understanding a technical implementation of a product at the functional/user experience level. Said in another way, can you explain how a product you have built works?
  • Ability to effectively manage, execute and deliver multiple tasks/projects simultaneously on tight timelines.
  • Strong communication, interpersonal and organizational skills. Strong team player. 
  • Ability to learn and pick-up tools needed for product management tasks, such as data analytics or design tools.
  • Self-starter with the ability to learn quickly and independently.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Passionate and curious about smart home technology (if you use it at home, even better!), and how to simplify and improve how you interact with your home.
  • Work experience at a startup
  • Drive and passion to improving user experience and usability of complex problems

If you have any questions, please email us at