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SAVE $250 on renewed

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Our biggest deal ever

Enjoy all the benefits of putting Alexa in your walls

Alexa is built into Brilliant, letting you control all of your smart home devices using just your voice. You can ask her things like: “Alexa what’s the weather today?" and you will get a verbal and visual response. This eliminates the need for smart speakers cluttering up countertops and tables.

Ask for anything and get a verbal and visual response on your wall display.

Connect all your smart home devices and ask Alexa to turn lights on, lock the front door, set the thermostat, and more

Unclutter your countertops and tables from smart speakers and other smart home devices.

Phone not nearby? Busy cooking in the kitchen? Just ask Alexa for what you want.


Brilliant Smart Home Control

Transform any house or apartment into an easy-to-use smart home with the Brilliant Smart Home Control and all-in-one mobile app. Installs in minutes in the place of any standard light switch.

Key Brilliant Features

Smart Home Control

Connects to compatible smart home products over Wi-Fi so you can control your music, climate, locks, and more.

Alexa in every room

Amazon Alexa is built in for voice for home control, news, sports, and more.

Smart lights

Turns any lights into smart lights. Supports LED, CFL, halogen, and incandescent bulbs, and works with dimmable lighting.

Video and Audio intercom

Video intercom with privacy shutter for video or audio calls between rooms when you install two or more in your home.

Scene for every occasion

Scenes are an easy way to combine lighting, music, temperature, and other settings to quickly control your smart home with a single tap.

Your photos on the wall

Send photos from your phone to Brilliant and share memories with your entire home. The display is your canvas so have some fun!