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Make your properties and staff more efficient and increase your bottom line

Brilliant and its ecosystem of integration partners helps property managers reduce operational and utility costs, while creating more time for staff to deliver world-class customer service.

property managers

Gain more control over your properties
and help them run more smoothly

Brilliant Command Center makes it easy for property managers
to monitor, automate, and control their properties from anywhere.


Automatically notify staff about
maintenance and security issues.


Save time and money by automating
heating/cooling, lighting, access, and more.

Brilliant Command Center


Give staff more to provide better
customer service to residents.

Remote Control

Manage your properties and control smart
device experiences from anywhere.

Automate utilities
and reduce costs

Lower energy bills by automating lighting and heating/cooling in vacant units and common areas. Smart light switches with built-in motion detection and smart thermostats also help residents reduce energy use while at home and away.

Reduce electricity costs by up to 30% with occupancy-based lighting

Automatically turn lights on/off with built-in motion detection

Prevent lights from being left on in vacant units & common areas

Reduce heating/cooling costs by up to 20%

Prevent thermostats from being left on in vacant units

Send alerts when open windows are causing wasted energy

Smart Lighting
Smart Thermostats
Improve access and security

KEyless Access

Improve access
and security

Make properties more convenient and secure by giving residents, visitors, vendors, and staff the right access at the right time with mobile keys, keypads, card/fob readers, intercom systems, and more.
  • Eliminate the time and cost of managing physical keys
  • Remotely control who gets access to what and when in real time
  • Know when any door is opened and by whom via digital logs
  • Automatically grant/revoke access when residents move in/out


Prevent costly
water damage

Catch water leaks and frozen pipes before they become costly disasters and automatically alert staff to respond. Installing water detectors and sensors can also reduce insurance premiums.
Prevent costly water damage
Cost of damage
Brilliant control

Move IN/Out & Tours

Manage vacancies
more efficiently

Configure vacant units to prevent lights and thermostats from accidentally being left on.

Set the right ambiance for apartment tours with pre-configured scenes that include lighting, climate, and music.

Streamline onboarding for new residents and provide access to all available smart amenities.

Automate the experiences above and more by syncing Brilliant with a property management platform.

Smart Amenities

Lease faster and
retain more residents

By offering the most user-friendly smart apartment experience available, sales staff will be able to convert more tours into signed leases and reduce tenant turnover. Brilliant is the only system that integrates intuitive touchscreen control panels with built-in voice control and motion detection in the walls of each apartment.

Take your properties to
the next level with Brilliant

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