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Brilliant Certified Expert Program

Sign up to receive access to our free online training guide that will help you to become more confident selling and installing the Brilliant Smart Home System, speed up installations, drive down truck rolls, improve customer satisfaction, maximize your sales opportunities, and unlock some great perks.

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Get access to online guides & videos that will teach you everything you need to know about Brilliant.

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Personalized program completion certificate and optional listing on our Directory of Certified Experts


No, this is education we offer all of our partners. If you would like to go direct, please
After signing up, the appropriate channel and role specific courses will be assigned to you. Simply complete all of the courses by watching/reading the content and answering key questions.
Through the Learning Management System (LMS) you will be able to see the courses that you have taken and passed.
Once you complete all courses assigned to you, you will receive an email with all the promised rewards for your time and effort.
If you have no experience with Brilliant, you can expect to spend about 4-5 hours reviewing material to get all the answers to the questions. If you are very well versed, expect your time investment to be closer to 1-2 hours.
Within our training platform you will be able to find a large repository of assets including wiring diagrams, how to videos, and more. Additionally you can always visit or email for additional assets or information.
Yes it does. That being said, Brilliant is a product that updates every two weeks to improve features that will enhance your experience and the end users’ experience. When a new course has been added you will be notified via email.
You can email with any questions
Brilliant has many consumers that may need help with the installation and setup of their Brilliant Smart Home system. By completing our certification we can put you in touch with these consumers, giving you leads for more business.
Simply email and we will be sure to remove your business from our directory. If you change your mind, you can always let us know. We’ll be happy to add you back in.

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