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Meet the new Brilliant Plug-in Panel

New Brilliant Plug-In Panel

Easily mounts to any wall and plugs into any outlet
(no neutral wire required)

Mounts to any wall and plugs into any outlet

Meet the new Brilliant Plug-in Panel

2018 Builder Shipping Terms & Provisions

The following provisions govern shipments of all Brilliant products:


Brilliant will arrange for transportation from Brilliant’s fulfillment center to Builder's designated location(s).

Freight Costs

Builder agrees to pay Brilliant for transportation and handling charges as specified in an invoice.

Risk of Loss and Title

Risk of loss and title to the goods transfers from Brilliant to Builder when the goods have been transferred to the specified carrier for delivery to Builder.


If loss or damage is incurred in transit, the Builder may file a claim with Brilliant for replacement of the goods affected. Brilliant will then file a claim on behalf of the Builder with the carrier. If after investigation the carrier is found liable, Brilliant will replace the affected goods. In the case of damage incurred in transit, Brilliant may require that the Builder return the goods to Brilliant before the goods are replaced. Claims investigations may take up to 30 days to complete.