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Get 10% off all Brilliant Starter Packs
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Setting Up Your Brilliant Smart Home: 1-Switch Control + Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch (Load Side)

TIP: We recommend visiting this page using a computer or tablet because you will need to use your phone to complete setup using the Brilliant mobile app.

If you have any questions during setup or run into any issues, please visit our Brilliant support website or contact us by phone at +1 (855) 650-0940 or by email at


  1. Set up your home internet. Brilliant requires a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network.


  1. Connect your Brilliant Control to your 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network. From the Brilliant home screen shown below, go to Settings (gear icon in top right) > “Connectivity”.

Brilliant Control Screen with Settings Cog Circled in top right corner

3. Download the “Brilliant Smart Home System” app (iOS and Android)

4. Use the Brilliant app to sign up and create an account.
5. After you create your account, you will need to log into your home. When you see the screen titled “Need help Installing?”, select YES (or select “Install a Brilliant”)

To set up your Brilliant system, enter the answers bolded below when you encounter the following screens and questions:

 Note: Names of Lights and Devices can be re-named at a later time for your personal preference. 

    • “Installations” screen
      • Select + Add Brilliant Device
    • “Select Brilliant” screen
      • Select 1-Switch Control
      • Select a Room: Kitchen 
    • “Add 1-Switch Control” screen
      • Device Name: Kitchen Control 
      • Assign Load: Add light
      • Choose Fixture Type: Standard Light
    • How many switches control this light: 2
    • “Add Light” pop-up screen series
      • Light Name: Kitchen Lights
      • Light Type: LED
      • Light Name: Kitchen Light
      • Light Fixture Wattage: 10W - 150W
      • Do you want to dim this light: YES
      • Do you know what this switch type is: LINE
    • “Installations” screen
      • Select + Add Device
        add device
    • “Select a Brilliant Device” screen
      • Select Smart Dimmer Switch
    • “Add a Smart Dimmer Switch” screen
      • Device Name: Kitchen Switch
      • Room for this device: Kitchen
    • “Installations” screen
      • Select READY TO INSTALL
    • Installation Guide” screen
      • Select START
    • Are your Kitchen Control, Kitchen Switch all wired into your wall: YES
  1. Connect your Brilliant devices by following the instructions in your Brilliant App and on your Brilliant Control to complete your Brilliant system setup.


  1. To add smart home devices to control with your Brilliant system, like the Honeywell Home Thermostat and Kwikset Halo Lock installed in your home, you will need to create accounts for these devices and connect them to your 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network before you can add them to your Brilliant System. For help, watch “How to add an integration”.