About Us

Our Mission

Brilliant’s mission is to create technology that makes it easy and fun to interact directly with your home. We envision a world in which every environment, homes in particular, can communicate directly with its guests in a way that is simple and fun. Controlling an environment should be as easy as flipping a switch, so it’s really no surprise that’s where we started - replacing the light switch with the interaction model of the future.

The Team

(Brilliant founders Aaron Emigh, Jeremy Hiatt, and Steven Stanek)


Brilliant was founded by Aaron Emigh, Steven Stanek, and Jeremy Hiatt, all of whom are experienced technology entrepreneurs from the mobile industry. All three worked together at shopkick, who developed the #1 retail mobile app before being acquired by SK Planet in 2014. Brilliant was started when Aaron began renovating his house and went looking for a product he was sure existed - an easy-to-use touch panel that replaces your light switch to control everything in the house. When one couldn’t be found, he teamed up with Steven and Jeremy to do what awesome nerds do, and they built one. 

At Brilliant, our team has grown to include talent from Apple, Philips, PayPal, Netscape, Digidesign, Opsware, E.piphany Software, and a deep roster of Stanford University graduates. Our experienced team has launched over 100 products in the last 20 years, and we think the Brilliant Control is our very best. We launched our pilot program to early customers in November 2016 and have enjoyed working with them to make the product even more delightful.

We publicly launched the company in February 2017, offering limited early access to our first product, the Brilliant Control. The pre-order campaign sold out in just 19 days! We have been thrilled with the demand and enthusiasm for the product.

Brilliant is a venture-backed company headquartered in San Mateo, CA. We have raised $3 million from notable investors including SV Tech Ventures, The Box Group, and Miramar Ventures.

Would you like to join the Brilliant Team? We are always looking for talented mobile software engineers, system engineers, and hardware developers. Find us on LinkedIn, and let us know why you'd like to join!

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