Welcome to your smart
apartment, let’s show you around

Join your Brilliant Smart Home

Check your email for an invitation to create a Brilliant account and join your apartment’s Brilliant Smart Home.

After accepting your invitation, download the Brilliant mobile app and log in to get started controlling your smart apartment.

Device WiFi

If you set up WiFi for your apartment through your own internet service provider, then you will need to connect your Brilliant Control to your personal WiFi.

Note: If your apartment community provides WiFi, then you can skip this step. 

You can set the WiFi for your Brilliant Control under Settings (gear icon) → Connectivity (pictured below).

Get access using Brilliant
Access your apartment or building using the Brilliant mobile app
(where available)

Access your apartment, apartment building, or amenities using the Brilliant mobile app or by typing in your personal access PIN code on supported smart access devices.

You can find your PIN code on the Brilliant mobile app under Devices → Access → View Access Credentials.

Answer intercom calls using Brilliant
(where available)

If your building has ButterflyMX intercoms installed, connect your ButterflyMX account with Brilliant to receive and answer intercom calls on your Brilliant Control’s touch screen.

Connect your ButterflyMX account on your Brilliant Control or mobile app under Settings → Works With → ButterflyMX.

Additional Brilliant features
Control your lights

Your device is wired to turn on/off your device just like a regular light switch. 

Tap on the control or swipe up/down on the screen to control your lights

Set your thermostat
(Where Available)

Set your thermostat using your Brilliant Control or mobile app if your apartment has a supported smart thermostat installed.

Add compatible smart home products to your Brilliant Home
See all integrations

Need additional help?

Your on-site property staff is trained to support you with setting up or troubleshooting your device(s). Additionally, you can contact Brilliant directly:

Call Brilliant Support
(855) 650-0940
Sat 7AM - 4PM PST