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Inside Sales Lead


Inside Sales Lead

How often do you get the opportunity to work for a company that creates a tangible, physical product that can change the daily lives of every American household ?

Think about our cars today. They have dozens of computers within them. Do we call them “smart cars”? What we call “smart homes” today will just be known as homes in the near future. Brilliant hopes to democratize the smart home itself. We build products that naturally blend within the aesthetic of the home, and allow it to still feel like a home - not a jumble of electronics.

We also happen to be in an era where the type of experiences that have traditionally been accessible to the top 1% of households can be available for all households. Now. That’s in the matter of hundreds of dollars instead of tens of thousands.

We are looking for an Inside Sales Lead to join our Pro Channel Sales team to help bring that vision alive - and it’s going to be an exciting journey!

Job Description

Brilliant is searching for candidates who are proactive and passionate about smart home products and the clients they serve. The ideal Inside Sales Lead will have previous team leadership experience, be motivated, data driven and well spoken.

To succeed in this position, the candidates should have exceptional communication, computer, time management, and problem-solving skills. You should be resourceful, analytical, adaptable, and organized with the ability to build rapport with clients and team members.


●  Train and develop a small team of inside sales representatives

●  Create, maintain a weekly activity report

●  Initial engagement of new leads from Webinars, Pro Pages, Builder Marketing, and Trade Shows

●  Sourcing sales opportunities through inbound lead follow up and outbound calls and emails

●  Communicate with potential customers, making outbound calls to Builders, Developers and Custom Installers

●  First point of contact for Builder, Multifamily Developer and Homeowner questions

●  Understanding customer needs in identifying new sales opportunities

●  Researching and qualifying new Builder and Multifamily Developer lead opportunities.

●  Internal lead sourcing (tagging correct account and sales manager)

●  Creating and maintaining a database of current and potential customers.

●  Understanding clients needs and identifying new sales opportunities

●  Answering potential customers' questions and sending additional information via email

●  Staying informed about competing products and services.

● Keeping up with product /service information and updates


●  3 to 5 years previous experience leading an inside sales team

●  Strong verbal and written communication skills.

●  Experience with Outbound calling.

●  Knowledge of smart home products.

●  Demonstrable ability to communicate, present and influence key partners

●  Knowledge of CRM software.

●  The ability to present client-focused solutions to address customer needs.

●  Ability to work on multiple customers, while maintaining sharp attention to detail.

●  Excellent listening, negotiation and presentation abilities.

●  Strong verbal and written communication skills.

●  Ability to work, when requested in the Brilliant office, based in San Mateo CA

Please email your resume and cover letter to