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Brilliant - How It Works

Control it all from your wall

Control your lights, music, climate, locks and more.

Brilliant replaces any light switch in the home. It can be installed in just minutes with no additional hubs, wiring, batteries, or programming required. It instantly turns your lights into smart lights and gives you voice and touch control over all of your other smart home products. That’s more than smart — that’s Brilliant.

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Take Back Control

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Control your lighting

Turn any light into smart lighting, and intelligently control Philips Hue and other smart lights from your walls.

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Ask Alexa

Alexa is built into Brilliant. Ask for the 10-day forecast or last night’s sports scores and get a verbal and visual response on your Brilliant display.

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Climate for all

Use touch or voice controls to adjust your home's temperature with Nest or other smart home thermostats.

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Music in every room

Control your Sonos systems directly from the wall with voice and touch controls that let you easily manage, access, and play the music you love.

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Brilliant - Lighting
Brilliant - Alexa
Brilliant - Climate
Brilliant - Music
Brilliant - How It Works


One control for all your devices

Control everything in your home from anywhere.


From using simple voice or touch commands to adjust temperature, to managing your thermostat when you’re away from home, Brilliant gives you total control of your Nest.

Brilliant & Nest


Never miss a visitor or package while you’re at home or away. Connect your Ring Video Doorbell to see who’s at the door right on the Brilliant display.

Brilliant & Ring

Smart Lighting

Turn your standard lights into smart lights and intelligently control Philips Hue and other smart lights from your walls. Combine your smart lights with other devices to create scenes and set the mood in any room.

Brilliant & Phillips


Sometimes, you just want to stream. At other times, you want to play DJ. Sometimes you have your phone, and sometimes you don't. With Brilliant, you can play your music and adjust the audio settings using Alexa, the touchscreen, or your smartphone. You choose, you rule!

Brilliant & Phillips

Amazon Alexa is built in!

Clutter-Free Control

Alexa is built into every Brilliant, meaning that you can control all of your devices effortlessly using just your voice. With Alexa built into every Brilliant, you can free up your countertops and tables.

  • Ask Alexa for the lights, music, or help with tasks
  • Ask Alexa for news, sports or weather
  • Ask Alexa if there are UFOs or for the value of pi
Brilliant - Hands Free
Alexa, turn up music Turning music up


Room-to-room video chat

Unite the home with the simple press of a button.

Brilliant - Intercom - Mom Brilliant - Intercom - Mom

Every Brilliant includes a microphone and camera with privacy shutter.

Brilliant - Intercom - Kids Brilliant - Intercom - Kids

Place video or audio calls between rooms when you install two or more.


Add your own personal touch

The display is your canvas so have some fun! Upload family photos, art, or seasonal themes to complement your home's sense of style and décor.


Briliant partners

Plays well with others

Brilliant & Alexa
Brilliant & Sonos
Brilliant & Hue
Brilliant & August
Brilliant & Ring
Brilliant & Nest
Brilliant & Wemo
Brilliant & Smartthings
Brilliant & Ecobee
Brilliant & Honeywell
Brilliant & Google Assistant

Brilliant Home Automation

Create Scenes for every occasion

A “Good Morning” scene is an easy and fun way to have the house wake up to greet you. Have the lights gradually turn on, queue up your favorite song, and set that perfect morning temperature.

Set the scene for a great dinner party -- turn the music up, the lights down, and set the temperature.

A bedtime time scene is an easy way to shut your home down after a long day. Turn the lights turn off, queue up your favorite songs, set the temperature to where it needs to be, and don't forget to lock the door.

Brilliant - Lighting 100%
Brilliant - Climate 74°
Brilliant - Music ON
Brilliant - Blinds UP
Brilliant - Lighting 80%
Brilliant - Climate 68°
Brilliant - Music ON
Brilliant - Lighting 80%
Brilliant - Climate 68°
Brilliant - Music ON
Brilliant - Lock LOCK
Brilliant - Scenes Morning Brilliant - Scenes Dinner Brilliant - Scenes Bedtime

Be Brilliant, Anywhere

Not at home? No problem.

Brilliant has iOS and Android apps for remote home control. With your Brilliant app, we're putting your home in your hands. Literally.

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