The Brilliant Control - How Scenes Work


We hope you dig these Scenes.

The Brilliant team is hard at work, and we are on track for shipping pre-orders by late August/early September, 2017. In the meantime, we wanted to tell you a bit more about some of the features of the Brilliant Control. This month, we will feature "Scenes".

A "Scene" is an easy way to group your favorite settings across multiple devices so you can quickly set the mood with just a tap or voice command. If you watched our introductory video, then you saw a few examples of how Scenes work (or play, for that matter).

The Brilliant Control - The World's Smartest Light Switch from Brilliant.


The "Good Morning" Scene in the opening shot of the video is a great example of how a Scene can easily personalize a room to your liking. This Scene turned on the lights for the kitchen, put news radio on the Sonos, and set the temperature for the Nest to 72 degrees. It was also triggered by motion control - Heather (the Mom) only had to walk into the room between the hours of 7-8am, and the Good Morning Scene triggered automatically (Scenes can also be set on timers). It's a fun and easy way to have the house wake up to greet you.

The "Wake Up The Kids" Scene that followed demonstrates how a Scene can be set up for one or more rooms in the house. With a simple voice command, Heather turned on the lights in both of the kids bedrooms, played a different wake up sound in each room, and displayed specific motion art on each Brilliant Control screen. (a fun side note - we first heard of this idea when one of our pilot test homes created it so a Mom "didn't have to be the bad guy" when she woke up the kids...genius!)

There are a few other example Scenes in the video, such as the "Away Mode" Scene to keep costs down (turns off lights and music, and lowers the temperature) and the "Date Night" Scene to set the ambiance for a romantic dinner (dimming lights in the dining room while turning off other nearby lights, playing jazz, and displaying candles on the screen). There are endless combinations, and customizing a Scene is very easy. 

So, how do you "make the Scene"? You can create Scenes directly from the Brilliant Control with just a few taps. Start by creating a new Scene (or copying an existing one), and select any connected device, then say what you want it to do. You can also create Scenes from our mobile app, including "save all existing settings" for when you get your room set up just right and want to capture it. 

So, we hope you dig our Scenes! They are an essential feature for achieving our mission of making it fun and easy to interact directly with your house. We can't wait to see what you create!

Thank you again for your support! 

- The Brilliant Team

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