June '17 Update - Sonos, We Love You.

Triple switch Brilliant Control showing a Sonos integration.

Sonos, we love you.

If there's one thing our pilot customers love more than smart lighting, it could be their Sonos players. In fact, we have found that homes with both Sonos and Brilliant Controls end up increasing their use of Sonos by an average of 28%. That's music to our ears! (literally)

Given the popularity of our Sonos integration, we thought we would send a few more details on how it works as part of our monthly update. For those of you who pre-ordered, you'll get a chance to try out the Sonos features when we ship in September, 2017. Our progress continues to be on track, and we are very excited to get these Controls in your homes soon! 

Brilliant Control showing a Music and Climate integration.


From the moment you install a Brilliant Control and connect to WiFi, the Control will auto-detect all the Sonos players on your network. Play:1's, Playbars, Connect Amps...we support them all. Just take a few seconds to confirm the name and location of the players, and you'll be ready to fire up some tunes!

If you have a Sonos player in the same room as a Brilliant Control, you'll see the Music icon appear on the main screen. This makes it really easy for anyone in the room to get music rolling as you walk in (or turn off as you walk out)...just tap the Music icon.

Brilliant Control showing Sonos control capabilities.


You can choose from your stored playlists, or Sonos favorites such as stations from Pandora, Spotify, and Tune.fm. The album art appears once you play, and you can adjust the volume, skip to the next track, play/pause, or even select a different Sonos player or "group" to control those remotely without leaving the room. All at your fingertips, without the need for a mobile device!

Voice control for Sonos is on its way thanks to a partnership between Sonos and Amazon that will allow Alexa to accept direct voice commands for Sonos devices. Since the Brilliant Control is an Alexa end point, you will be able to control your Sonos players directly using voice commands.

You can also access your Sonos through Scenes, where you can pair your favorite music settings with lights, climate control, graphical art on the Brilliant Control screen, and more to set the perfect mood.

So fill your home with music, and give everyone access with Brilliant. That sounds amazing! (literally)

Cheers, The Brilliant Team