July '17 Update - Look Who's At The Door...Thanks, Ring!

Brilliant Control showing Ring integration.Look who's at the door...thanks, Ring!

The Ring Video doorbell has quickly become one of the most popular smart home products of all time, selling over 1 million units. The Brilliant Team was very excited to combine the Ring doorbell and Brilliant Control, and thanks to a great collaboration with the good people at Ring, we have a unique integration that we know you're going to love! 

But before we get into the Ring goodness, a quick update: 

The Brilliant Team continues to make significant progress towards our pre-order ship date (September, 2017), and are in the final stages of setting up our manufacturing facilities and supply chain. As we move into August, we will begin sharing more details with our pre-order customers, as well as some fun new features and learnings. In the meantime, feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions!

Brilliant Control in the kitchen.

You've just sat down for breakfast, and the doorbell rings (argh!)...but thanks to having both Ring and Brilliant, you don't have to put that fork down quite yet!

When the Ring doorbell is pressed, a notification goes to all Brilliant Controls with a video feed to show who is at the door. If you would like to chat with your new visitor, just press "Talk" and you can have a two-way audio exchange while your video feed stays on. If you have a smart lock installed, you'll also have the option to unlock the door directly from the notification. No smartphone apps required, all from the comfort of your breakfast nook!

Anyone in a room with a Brilliant Control can answer the Ring doorbell (as soon as one person answers, the notifications in other rooms disappear). You can, of course, configure any Brilliant Control to not receive Ring notifications too. 

The Brilliant Control is one of the first smart home products to integrate with the Ring video feed, and definitely one of the first to bring it to every room in the home. With the Brilliant Control, a great product (Ring) becomes even more useful and accessible by everyone! 


The Brilliant Team