Aug '17 Update - Brilliant Adds 3-Way Support, Weather, Google Home, And More

More Brilliant Than Ever.

First, a sincere thank you from all of us for your continued support and feedback on our debut product, the Brilliant Control. As we enter the final months of development and production, the team has been able to add some new features based on your input. We are pleased to announce the following upgrades will be included in the initial shipment of Brilliant Controls:

Brilliant Controls now work in 3-way and multi-way switch configurations

3-way/Multi-way Switching Support

Brilliant Controls will now be able to support multi-way switching with other switch manufacturers. So if you currently have two switches controlling the same light, but only want to change one of those switches to a Brilliant Control, you can now do this. This was one of the top requests we had from pre-order customers, so we are pleased to be able to add this in.

You can, of course, still use multiple Brilliant Controls in a multi-way switch environment.

Animated gif photo of weather forecast on a Brilliant Control.

Interactive Weather Display

Would you like to see a local weather forecast on your Brilliant Control? This was a commonly requested feature from our pilot customers, particularly as they start their day. We found a way to make it interactive and visually pleasing (see above), and have added it to your display options along with seasonal motion art, your personal photos, and more.

Testing Brilliant Controls in our lab with Wemo switches and smart plugs.

Support for Wemo Switches and Smart Plugs

Support for Belkin Wemo switches and smart plugs have been a popular request, and we have now added support for these. We are big fans of the smart plugs in particular - they are a simple and convenient way to make a lamp, coffee maker, or other "non-smart" device controllable from your Brilliant Control.

You can use Google Home to control Brilliant Control light settings.

Google Home Support

"Hey, Google...turn on the bedroom lights." If you are a Google Home fanatic, you'll be pleased to know we will have an "action" ready so that you can control your lights with a simple voice command to Google Home.

Brian adds a faster, more powerful Wifi chip to our system.

Wifi/Bluetooth Chip Upgrade

Under the hood, we have added a turbo version of our Wifi/Bluetooth chip that has better performance, higher quality connections, and more capacity for adding devices.

Cassie and Ashley add wizards to set up multiple Controls.

Easy Set Up for Multiple Controls

Many of you are planning to have Brilliant Controls throughout your home, so we have added some wizards to simplify configuring multiple controls without having to replicate all your settings. Now your second/third/etc control can be added in just a few taps.


Coming Soon!

We are working diligently to have Brilliant Controls available for retail purchase in late 2017/early 2018, and will keep you updated on specifics as we get closer (pre-order customers, be sure to see the email we sent you last week with more specifics about your order). We are very excited to get these to you!

Thank you for your support,

- The Brilliant Team